Only the ture ones will finde the answher




this level 1- easy


Nah, No one’s doing that if you can’t even spell the title right


the title is the first step to uncover this its was ment to be that way


The answer is E


i hope it’s worth it investigating


clue: just look at colors what do they whant to tell you


That depends on whether or not it’s intentional that you didn’t color all of “20” blue. :thinking:


b is blue the number 2 is blue 2=b


Don’t do Terrazine kids, it’s bad for you.


i basicly gave you all the clues its not a mystery anymore …


1+2=3. A+b = c. C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet. 3+3=6. Since there were 2 terms ie, letters and numbers 6÷2 = 3 and the iluminati has 3 sides. And since the Illuminati has 3 sides, bush did 9/11. Easy peasy


The Alberto Einstein of our generation


How is this a mystery… you gave us the answer with the A-1 and B-2.


A=1 B=2 and so on


I’m colorblind…


Ik, just refusing to finish translating half of it because I was hoping it’d be more dfficult.

Feels like 90% of the post is just there for aesthetic purpose. The title didn’t really do anything. Letter sequence wasn’t all that relevant. 2 in the 20 is colored, but there’s nothing special about having half of a number colored.

Overall I am just disappointed with the many missed opportunities. So many things that could’ve been done.


“why are you wasting youre time on this you idi nahui”

this was honestly so easy, ill be posting a decently tough one soon


MR REWAR IS THE WINNER HI SOLVED IT! level 2 coming soon