Only Those Who Art Worthy May See Thy Post


nah man i think i’ll stay as far away from good old space as possible



to wrap this up i guess no one cared about the enigma except for molt soooo



That nerd failed the mission after using an apostrophe on the word fam. /s

Rocks fall, everyone dies, the end. :slight_smile:




“congradulations you manage to decipher the great forum puzzle now get out of here stalker”


ohoho hehehe

he said the funny russian stalker word!! good work redcomm


Wow I sure do love Russian culture haha !


blayt xDDDD


Isn’t that an oxymoron?


literally this


How can noone noticed that this statement is wrong. Smh.

it’s 3301


see the joke is that the original is 3301

but this one is a discount

so it’s 3302


a discount is cheaper, so it would be 3300


is this an initiative for the soviet Union?


Heres what I got

cqojgbmgolazivz. guc gddydx aa klwhuowd iys spjcy ybgmu vngupu. zsp irz hde gb diwb symtgsq.

I found 2 words. “spicy” and “Is”


Secret Message from the KGB: Stalin is in a spicy meme.


area 52 more like it


Trust no one, not even your sentry.


The correct sentence is:
“Congradulations, you have deciphered the great Forum puzzle. Now get out of here stalker.”