Open Discussion | Vehicle Modification


So the sh*t has hit the fan and you’ve survived. Your vehicle is okay, but maybe it’s not what you need. Only thing is, you’re not a professional mechanic and you can’t order any kits online, all you have is some basic knowledge and the ability to figure things out. You find some things, hardware, tools, scrap and a welder. It’s now car mechanic amateur hour and you’ve got a grin on your face, get to work!

Alright, funny little intro aside, gonna post these pictures of REAL cars I’ve seen at my job that have given me an idea of what I’d like to be able to see in Unturned 2.

Tran/Vruck (van with truck bed)

Forerunner with cutout doors and body welding

So yeah, share your ideas and photos below. Please don’t go overboard with absurd Google images or vehicles with fake prop weapons. Keep it semi-sensible and DIY.

Vehicle photos were taken with permission of their respective owners.


Also, while I like the game Crossout, I don’t want that system in unturned… though free-form building and a similar Cut-n-weld vehicle building system would be cool.


Thing’s I’d like to see:

  • Improvised vehicles require frame / chassis from wrecked / destroyed vehicle, and are assembled in world, something like adding tires and batteries in 3.x - No more emergency car in your pocket.
  • Access to trunk space without idling the engine and using up the remaining precious fuel.
  • Vehicles that interact with road surface, not the terrain below road… invisible bumps and such are freaky.
  • Camper - the portable shelter which can be added/removed, and fits the bed of a pick-up.
  • Trailers - for ATV’s, smaller cars, boats, cargo (open or box type), horses?
  • Shaggin’ Wagon - Late '70’s Chevy Van with epic Boris Vallejo quality airbrush art, and a bed in the back - disco ball optional.
  • Sedan with home cut out stand-up gunner position/hole and optional pintle mount
  • Technical mount with stand up position for bed of pick-ups.
  • Stamina powered watercraft - Kyaks, Canoes and Rowboats


I think we should just settle with just spikes,armor and weaponry for vehicle customization.
In my opinion this is a little bit overkill.


This would be nice, but maybe it should be simple. Maybe instead of adding things seen in the picture to your vehicle. We can take out seats in the vehicle and modify it from there. Like adding a hatch to access a mounted lmg on the roof. Adding more storage. Add mounted guns to the windows. Maybe you should be able to armor up your vehicle by replacing the glass with bullet proof glass. Adding metal or steal to the outside of the vehicle. I also think you should be able to modify your car parts like the engine, suspension, gas tank, and wheels.


The modified vehicles I posted images are simple. Weld your doors shut and cut holes out of them. Weld a sheet of metal over your window. Cut out the back of your fan and make a makeshift truck bed. Not complicated at all. What is complicated is modifying suspension, the engine, the gas tank (most are plastic, and if you’re not careful, you’ll have a leaky tank. Plus more fuel means more weight.) Also bullet proof glass is insanely thick and heavy. Also, no to the mounted guns, that shit gets out of hand quick. besides, you’d be better off having a passenger with their own personal gun anyways.
You can’t add more storage without taking up useful space, like a rear bench seat or passenger seat, or adding a cargo rack on the top or trailer hitch.


PTSD flashbacks of 20m barbed wire fence screens and massive plate-buildings on vehicles


I was wishing for a modification for bicycle to make a motercycle sound for a second. But I think that 4.0 can’t handle that type of radness. /s

In all seriousness. I wish they would have opening car doors animation. Windows. And of-course exhaust pipe modification to attracted more infected.

Or that you can modified on how your car can take an unbreakable wheels (from military vehicles) to a regular car.

Again, hoping that a mechanic skill would come in handy.


Well,4.0 is going to be more realistic,so,the nightmare is over.


military wheels aren’t unbreakable. I’ve seen plenty of flat tires. They still roll because of their design, but not that well.