Prom Java Pickup Line


Alright, so my school’s prom is this May, and I’ve created a Java swing program that I’ll be giving to the girl I’m trying to get to go with me (She’s in my CS class so she’ll understand). Does anyone have any pickup lines that relate to coding, java, etc? Thanks :wink:


why are you asking on this website???


I put it in uncategorized because it’s random, and I know some of you guys are coders too so… maybe you guys got something good.


ahh okay, well ask someone like, @GreatHeroJ or @tehswordninja OR @NuclearPotato


I don’t code with Java. Or CS.

Also sly edit there, bro


okay 1 down, 2 to go xd, yeah yeah whatever xd


I think you picked three people who have never touched java before. Nice one.


claps sarcastically


You guys seemed like people who would use it tho…


Okay tbh, i know a little bit of java but I doubt that I could make a pickup line for ya xd. Unless it was really cheesy.


Nope. Not at all. Coding is the last thing on my list to learn. Putting models made in Blender into unity and then Unturned is hard enough already.


bah, this was pointless


pickup lines??? i prefer pickup strings

i watched 2 coding tutorials 2 years ago dont give me shit for this xd


YES! Good one, my friend has suggested “I must be an exception because you sure caught me”. Thought that was pretty good too.


Just say that Dan Malloy is the ruler of the world.


That could also work.
Have you considered a System.out.println basically saying Want to got to the prom with me ? [Y/N] like those old letters everybody used to send in like 6th grade or have you actually made proper “pickup script” ?
Because in that case you might as well use a bool and literally catch an IOException when Prom == false and change it to true.


Well too late to change anything… I asked her today and she said yes! So all’s well.

myHappiness = true;


if myHappiness = true;
print Congratulations
:// I know nothing about coding Java please don’t thonk me


If happiness = true
Then happiness + prom = good luck!


Mate, thats not how comparisons work.
You just set happiness to true, and that if will have nothing to work with.