Raiding idea from a little while back


I had an idea for raiding a while back that made raiding more like Rainbow 6 Seige, if you’ve ever played it. What I thought of was removing the Demo charge (making it only the precision charge) and nerfing everything else entirely. I imagined instead of pretty much deleting a wall you would blow a hole in it with the size and materials required varying by wall, with metal walls nearly impenetrable, haven’t thought of a reasonable way to do those yet because all you have to do it remove your door and place a wall instead when you go offline to make your base unraidable in this circumstance. Anyway, LMGs/Snipers would blow out metal doors and windows with shotguns doing wooden doors if Nelson adds a lock system. You should also be able to set small traps in your base such as a tripwire with a shotgun or something else simple that you won’t damage your own base with. It was just a little idea I had so I figured I would post it here.

Anyway, discuss in the comments, feedback in necessary for ideas to improve

Options for entering buildings

Amazing idea ! That way it wouldn’t be useless to build a whole fort Boyard just so a guy with a rocket launcher and 50 rockets blows his way through it like if it was made out of cardboard ! Nerfing the raiding weapons and removing the demo charges would make both base building and raiding a lot more fun ! Maybe even add some other raiding tools ? Like that door breaching metal thing (idk the name) that can be used to break down wooden doors…


A battering ram would be cool but it should be super rare, just as an alternative to Shotguns


It’s balanced because it’s rare

This is not true, rarity has never and will never decide a weapons usefulness, it only affects how long until a player obtains it. The battering ram instead, should be able to be crafted, but needs a strong (skill set) player to put it to use.


I suggested it with his balance ideas in mind as in it’s just an alternative to the shotgun, not better or worse, just if you can’t find a shotgun


I love the idea of nerfing raiding weapons just for the reason that bases will have more of a benefit. The only thing is a lot of people build up their loot by raiding others and I would see PVP servers being very slow if there wasent as much base raids. It still has the benefit though of players needing to grind to be able to raid.