[RANT] Why are cheaters existing


Skybases are allowed i read the rules


What i mean to say is Why are they starting to appear or something and you can probably use other terms for that i’m not very advanced on English that much


@RainOfPain125 The people who say the exploits are easy to fix are often people with years and extensive knowledge of programming, networking and reverse engineering. I’m not trying to make any large unconfirmed assumptions, but considering Nelson has had to focus on everything relating game development (coding, modeling, animation) he might’ve only had time to learn the necessary parts of programming a game in Unity. These individuals claiming theh fixes are easy spend a LOT of time researching exploiting and then of course know a lot about how to prevent them, maybe moreso than Nelson does. Besides, Unturned 4.0 is probably a bigger priority than trying to fix 3.0 …

From what I’ve heard (iirc) the server crasher cheat still works, but the cheat itself is down because of injector trouble.

Furthermore, aimbot and wallhacks are completely unregulated you say? Do you have any idea on how hard it is to bypass BattlEye?

Sorry for the wall of text Iol.


Noone should be disgusted by BattlEye at all, really. Nelson has no good experience in dealing with cheaters, and picking BattEye had a good outcome unlike VAC. It banned a significant amount of people, and if it weren’t used multiplayer would’ve been hell

One of the things that disturbs me is people having very high expectations of the dev, which they would resort to calling him lazy or not so caring for the game.

“Oh, there’s still cheaters around even with BattlEye? Seems like the worst anti-cheat!”

“Nelson not doing much about cheaters? Wow he’s a lazy sack of crap”


I can literally pull up a website right now that has BE-bypassable hacks. It’s not hard to find. It’s also, apparently, not too hard to bypass. You can go on YT yourself right now and lookup Unturned Hacks and sort it by latest. You’ll probably find a video of some kid flashing around his hacks on a BE-Protected server relatively fast.

The problem with this narrative is that it doesn’t matter how many people BE has banned. The game is free and anyone can make another steam account. So aslong as BE is bypassable people will simply use the latest hacks that allow them to on said other accounts.

I’d call is very lazy to completely ditch a fully polished fully finished product of a game just to work on the next edition of it. Unturned 3.x would be a great game to enjoy if there were no hackers (and for that reason I am not into it right now), but sadly the case is nelson would much rather invest all of his efforts into 4.x. More and more I just get the feeling he is going to completely abandon 3.x and not provide crucial / critical bug fixes, hack exploit patches, and more.


Keep in mind that Nelson is one person.

He can’t work on multiple things at once effectively, so obviously he needs to set priorities in his development, and in this case he is currently prioritizing 4.0.

I see nothing wrong with this, and you do imply as if he is entirely neglectful of 3.0. There’s actually not much more he can do, especially as Yarrrr stated above given Nelson’s limited experience.


And he chose to use his funds for steam games instead of getting help or spending it effectively on the game.

like… buying steam games.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I just have enjoyed 3.x so much I don’t want to see it be completely ruined by hackers and bugs that are never going to be fixed. Especially if nelson does choose to make 4.x p2p then what we have currently for 3.x would not make a good impression / give a good reputation.


Who says he makes and invests into his own games to satisfy you


also notice he calls himself a hobbyist game developer


You do realise he has a house, and bills to pay right? Look I’m not trying to be rude, but considering that, and I’m also pretty sure he only bought a few to either get ideas, or to make himself less burnt out.

Oh BTW, he only ever mentions buying games once or twice. Plus, how much funds can you put into a game if you develop it solely yourself?


Have a source?


EVERY hack advertises proper bypassing! Most of those videos are just luring you into getting a free keylogger installed…

But there are a few that actually work, and they are behind a paywall with HWID registration(iirc) and login requirement to even use the hack client. Aka, Nelson can’t just detect it if he gets it sent to him. Rule of thumb: if a game has an anti cheat, there are no free cheats that are undetected

Even if Nelson bought the hack(s) that is/are used by all these kiddos himself it would be hard to find the bypass method because the loader injects DLL from a server. I wouldn’t call that being a ”lazy” dev… Bypassing BE yourself is a lot harder than you might think. Requires actual programming knowledge. It’s not like in VAC where you just paste away the sig.

Buying Steam games? Well of course, do you think he’s some kind of work robot who can’t take breaks?


My perspective from the hackers side, at least. What was my motive back then when i hacked was that I just couldn’t handle the fact that there were peopkle that could snipe me from the bushes while i do not know where they are. Thats why I only used esp. And just let the aimbot and stuff just for what it was.

And such as I had it. Every cheater has a motive, all diffrent.
And why are there cheaters? Why are there thiefs? why are there bad people? Because mankind is stupid and everybody does things that they regret, while on that moment people do not think about it.


/shrug people come and go, not sure who had said it, but I’ve had one or two people say the same kind of thing in either PM’s, forums, group chats, discords, or somewhere.

First off, I didn’t say anything about paid or free hacks. Though I am referring to the more premium paid ones that dont have malicious shtuff.


Sorry, kinda burns me out assuming he would’ve used my donation for better things than steam games.

w0@h s0m30n3 @dm1tt1ng t0 h@x good thing you aren’t on steam forums, you’d be banned in a heartbeat lmao


Who knows if its any different here :thinking:


There’s always that one guy with an unpopular opinion


I mean I can faintly remember a steam mod telling me it’s only because it’s steams own rules that you can’t discuss hacks related to the game or admit to using hacks. I never actually read the rulebooks around here, I just assume it’s a bit more loosy g00sy

edit: plus yarr just commented and didnd’t punish / warn / delete his post. /shrugx100

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When exactly was it that Nelson said he bought steam games with the gold membership money? Iirc it has been a decent while, and clearly you can tell that he isn’t just throwing it away on games. He’s used that money to purchase BE along with development programs, and also as his income. To suggest that he’s just throwing it all away on steam games is incredibly disingenuous. What more do you want him to spend his money on?


Is this the steam forum?

No sir.

What’s the best way to react to this?

le shrugs xd


Unturned has a pretty reduced amount of cheaters/exploiters which I had no experience with hackers/exploiters in Unturned at all. I would like to thank Battleeye for that. If you go to another similar survival game aka Apocalypse Rising. It’s 100x worst! Apocalypse rising always have a toxic community filled with exploiters that just use Insta-kill the entire population of the server. Your lucky that it’s at least Unturned than Apocalypse rising.


Nelson said BE was a ‘trial’ of sorts in the update notes of him adding it. You can go find that evidence for yourself because you’re the one that brought it up. However, I have evidence for my claims.

I originally added the [paid] gold upgrade because new games were coming out and I wanted the money to buy them.
I ask Nelson about it and he shrugs again, saying that there’s no particular PR or marketing strategy. He just talks to his players the only way that feels natural to him. He treats them like humans and they respond in kind. “I originally added the [paid] gold upgrade because new games were coming out and I wanted the money to buy them,” he says a little sheepishly. “As soon as I could afford videogames, I wasn’t worried about money.”

But ay, I’m no game dev. I’m a server hoster. If I promise people I’m gonna spend my stuff on server-hosting stuff then thats that. Nelson never really promised the money was for developing the game, but I assume he’d spend it on dev stuff. Not that I know of anything in particular that he could have spent it on as, again, I’m not a dev. I’m just saying I’m sure theres a much more effective way he could’ve spent his money on instead of games.