Realistic biome weather


So… Do you all like storms? No? Well we should get some proper ones in-game. Here’s some weather patterns for different boomed that I though up on the spot.

sand apocalypse
  • sand storms, would limit visibility and damage some types of vehicles. Also the possibility that new types of zombies would show up during them.

  • dust devils. Basically just miniature tornadoes that don’t do damage, just limit visibility when your inside them. Mostly just for the looks basically.

  • rare but large rainstorms. This is sorta a must have, but there would be occasional large rainstorms every once in a while. Would also have lots of lightning, which would have a chance of striking cars and planes there at the time. If it stuck a plane it could damage the plane and possibly make the engine turn of temporarily, or the engine that was struck. Possibly even permanently.

  • clear weather. Obviously


Water as far as the eye can see. Is that a boat?
  • Massive storms, loads of lightning. Also boats could possibly be tipped over and sunk in these.

  • small rain storms. No lightning, just a slight rain.

burned areas

Burn baby burn
  • ash storms. Basically a sand storm but ash and you lose maybe around 5 health per second in them, 1 from hot ash and 2 from breathing in ash and smoke. Also limits visability

  • rain. Itwill happen extremely rarely as well as make it safer to go inside burned areas temporarily.

  • ash dust devils. Block vision and do damage. Otherwise same as desert ones.

large towns/cities

Human Pollution
  • rainstorms. Hard and soft variants yada yada yada.

  • acid rain. Pretty DANG rare, also is only is super large cities.

  • wind. Basically just blows trash around that will limit visibility, and blow smoke towards you if anything is burning like a vehicle.


  • rain. Lightning can cause these boomed to turn into ash biomes from burning down if it doesn’t rain enough, or small ash biomes could be created from it. Dunno

  • wind storms. Can knock down trees and affect car handling, possibly even blow over vehicles. Could also cause a plane to crash if the plane isn’t flying with the wind.


where am I?
  • large wind storms. Same as previous biome.

  • rain. Basically the same as others, this biome can also turn to an ash biome. (notice, if a biome becomes a ash biome, all zombies inside it will become burned/ on fire zombies. )

  • TUMBLEWEED. You know, those bushes in western find that blow across the land? Yeah those are real. Just for looks.

You guys waited and now your getting it…
irradiated areas.

The bomb went boom and now your doomed
  • radiation. (duh)

  • radiation rain. Rain that will cause your immunity to go down.

  • acid rain. You will be damaged by this.

  • normal rain. Just normal. Also these storms and other storms can cause the radiation biome to become an ash biome, which could be even worse.

  • irradiated dust storms. Storms that blow irradiated dust at you. Will make your gasmask lose durability 3x as fast when your enveloped in it.

  • irradiated dust devils. Same as others but damages your gasmask as fast as the irradiated dust storms.

winter biomes

Snow lands bruh
  • snow storms. Just a lot of snow, possibly would damage engines of aircraft. If snow would do that, ash would do it even worse.

  • blizzards. A nightmare… That’s it… Snow, snow everywhere.

  • hail. Damage to player

Volcanic area

  • ash fog. Basically always there.

  • nearby trees catch fire.


Vines galore
  • no… No jungles.

_Savannah _

Oh hey! Red wood! Wait is that a hyena?
  • stop suggesting biomes from minecraft

Notes that weren’t included above.

  • all biomes could also have a sort of fog/constant ash or dust in the air.

  • dust clouds damage any gasmasks you wear, will also damage you if you have no mask of any sort on.

  • biomes turning to ash biomes can be prevented, if you have a firetruck with plenty of water/ the rain itself puts the fire out.

  • plenty more biomes could be mentioned, but I don’t really have the time to come up with unique things for more.

  • gasmask would probably only slow the amount of immunity you lose instead of preventing it.

  • be glad I formatted people.

  • dust and ash will damage engines of vehicles.

Weather types in each biome.


Perhaps it might be a little bit too much, considering the size of a map you can’t expect to have that much weather variations, it would look like in Minecraft when two separate biomes meet each other showing a funny mix between ice and sand.



Though unique weather per map could work.

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Would be good to see fog in every of these Bioms.


I’d really like a Brick Rigs esque weather system.

tottaly not out of my addiction bias towards the game


I would like to see if all these effects can do some damage or effects on the clothes your wearing!


I seriously doubt biomes would work like Minecraft, since they aren’t randomly generated. More like similar biomes would be around each other, deserts surrounded by plains, plains surrounded by forests. Ect. Also, I’m add more biomes now :smiley:


That’s my point since it is a “hand-made” map the weather variations you suggest would be too radical for a single world, still could be effective but only a few ones and in a compatible map.


Just went and added a few things, as well as added some humor xd


Well we sorta hope that maps will be a lot larger, also, we already have maps that have multiple biomes, who says it won’t happen again? Plus it adds more feel to the environment.


I’d only agree with different seasons accorfing to map’s geographic location, which would determine its weather and how it changes by the time.

Including so many types of storms (most of those dangerous, for a change), assuming there will be more than 1 type of biome within a map, would just be so messy.


Danger is key in a survival game. Also, probably at the edges of the boomed there would be a mix of each boomed weather at times. Or the weather would lessen off by the edges, but you can still see it in the distance. It’s not like we’re gonna have it raining across the entire map like in 3.0, right?


Zombies are the main treat/danger, obviously it wouldn’t be bad to have some weather variations but the game isn’t about a natural disasters.


Never said it was about natural disasters. I didn’t mention any now did I? Dust devils are caused by a little bit of wind in a dusty area and it goes for a little while before collapsing. It can’t really cause damage unless the dust it’s picked up can cause damage. Sand storms\dust storms happen in really dusty\sandy areas. if a plane flew through one it would damage its engines and a cars engine would probably get a lot of sand in\on it so it would damage that as well. Radiation zones would have most stuff probably dead or mutated so there would probably be a lot of dust. Yes a forrest fire is a natural disaster, but I didn’t consider them burning down the entire biome, just some of it, sorry if It sounded that way.
Big storms from often out at sea, so you would see those often. And big storms cause big waves, which could sink a small boat and possibly even a ship. But most likely after a big storm like that you would find a lot of debris on beaches that you could loot. Or even a ship. I dunno.


I think it’s a bit too much, but if implemented correctly it could work. However, I have two things that I think are wrong:

  1. In large towns/cities, I don’t think acid rain makes sense. Acid rain comes from pollution in the air from factories, and cars, etc. Since there isn’t much working cars, and all factories are basically unused, there really isn’t any way that acid rain can really happen.

  2. Acid rains should be completely removed from the irradiated areas, there should only be Radiation rain and Regular rain.


Acid rain comes from harmful substances in the air, it’s likely that a lot would still be in the air over cities. And on deadlines there’s basically a bunch of irradiated dust. Which could cause acid rain. Also BTW, acid rain could be caused by explosive weapons kicking materials and dust into the sky. So yeah.

We have no idea how long after the infection that 4.0 will be based in. So some of these could become irrelevant depending on what time that game is based on.


Acid rain is most commonly carbonic acid, and it forms because the extra carbon in the atmosphere get absorbed in water in the atmosphere.