Released a gold version of my game inspired by Unturned


I recently released a gold version of my survival game inspired by rust/unturned/scrap mechanic

Could do with feedback on how to make my game unique.


Not advertise here. Honestly it just looks like you’re trying to piggyback off of unturned currently.


‘‘Gamedev’’ he created a post about the game he is making, nothing wrong with that.


@Captain.Stars heres my origional post Releasing a game semi inspired by Unturned and Rust


here is a unturned community so talking about another game make me a litle sad but! i think you game is cool(release it on steam and /or having a MAC version will make him cooler and will make me able to test it!)


Thank you!


You should probably read before posting About the Gamedev category


why did you use the rust’s music for your game’s trailer,it will make it look like it’s really a copy of rust.