Remove (weapons) Voting and discut


People actually use it a lot on players. The fact that the Shadowstalker can destroy a tank in a matter of seconds is another story. But I’m just saying that people actually use it against players because of the features I mentioned before


yeah, but in real life they don’t use the vehicle’s actual battery from what I know


Improvise, adapted, overcome.

Speaking of car batteries. I think you should be able to powered stuffs with car batteries. But with a lower “fuel” cannot be refuel with gas. Went out faster than generator, having smaller radius and cannot be reused with vehicles. Kinda like a temporary source of power.

I’m getting off topic now.


sigh I remember when the shadow stalker did 80 splash damage


I remember when the Shadowstalker didn’t exist.


that was a long timer ago my friend. ahh yes, that was when 3.0 was still aiming for survival based gameplay. not pvp based.


the shadowstalker is a dumb


Hahaha yes


To be honest, we only have to get rid of shadowstalker , other are fines ( especially the fusilaut, dont you dare removd it ) , I personally think hell’s fury should only be a mounted gun… I also have an idea for the rockets launchers, I think we could add a collision system on the rocket so if a bullet is shot in the rocket launcher, it could explode.
I wont give my opinion on guns since there are gonna be totally different to 3.x ones


About heavy weapons ( grizzly, machine guns, sniper rifle ) I think the player could only use thoses while prone, if he dont, he could have damage due to recoil or even fall on the ground…


I my opinion, letting peoples choose wich guns they want based on their 3.x experience is just stupid, the weapons are going to be totally different, I think we should wait for 4.x to see what will come next.