Return of the Anomaly?



The Lighthouse ghost was balanced and fun and could totally make a return in II


I know this is in memes, but we really should see the Anomaly in some degree in 4.0. Maybe the eyes could move or something. That’d be pretty spooky.


I feel like the anomaly should be part of the story somehow, like he was a ninja or something


It’s balanced because it’s rare!


I think like if there is a metro (like St Petersburg on Russia map) that the anomaly could live there guarding something and its part of some achievement or quest to kill it and get the thing its guarding,

Or, just have it appear as an Easter egg on like certain moons (full moon, new moon, blood moon, etc,)


It should only be an easter egg/rare sighting, otherwise it’d be ruined


The Anomaly will most likely just be referenced, never really in the story persay.