RVs that double as mobile bases


I have an unhealthy obsession with RVs. I know many others do as well. Therefore, I would love for an RV vehicle that you can actually enter. The way I see this working is having the usual “drive vehicle” key could instead open the RV door. To drive the vehicle, you could press the button again, but on the seats. Since there is much talk of 4.0 being more survival based, I could see that the appliances inside would double as interactables; such as the fridge being a storage container, a bed in the back, and/or a sink to get water out of. (The sink should draw a percentage of water from some kind of water storage tank from the RV, though). Now this would already be a dream come true… but what if this idea was expanded upon? Perhaps the same courtesy could be done with some of the larger boats, wherein you could go under deck or something. Whatever Nelson does, I’m sure it will be great, but this would just be the cherry on top.


i go make a post of thermal expansion and hes go have the possibility to make this but is a dream same


Cars having doors that open and close was on one of Nelson’s Trello boards. Vehicles you can walk in would be a logical expansion if that gets implemented. The biggest problem would be getting the physics to work properly.


I completely agree. So many games get it wrong, where if you are on a vehicle that is moving, you lag out and start trailing in the air. For Unturned, however, I don’t think this will be the case. In 3.0, you would not do this while standing on or inside a makeshift vehicle that was moving; so as long as he makes the coding similar for regular vehicles, I think it will work just fine.


its the game lagging behind. SO it looks liek their outside the vehicle, but their not.


This is basically the main problem we have with vehicles in 3.0
I mean sure, not all cars can have a hallway, but it ain’t fun when the car moves but you’re still standing your ground like you have magnetic powers that deny you from being moved by the car


I would suggest vehicles that can be walked in have 3 seat options. Press:
F1 for the driver’s seat
F2 for the passenger’s seat
And F3 to roam around inside the vehicle instead of pressing F and leaving the vehicle and all that jazz (ya like jazz?)
4 seater cars will have F1 for the driver seat, and F2~4 for the rest of the seats.
Roamable vehicles will always have that extra “seat” option if the players decide to roam around inside the vehicle


Ideally, I’d like interacting with the door or hatch of a vehicle to open it. Interacting with a seat or bench to sit in it. When sitting on a bench A and D would slide the player along it. Hold Q or E to do a preset pose for that seat and vehicle (leaning towards the outside would lean out the window/peak out the hatch/etc. Leaning towards the inside of the vehicle would be for taking cover.) I would like for walking in and on vehicles to be just that.
All that being said, I appreciate the difficulties in creating functional player and vehicle physics, and of setting three preset poses for every seat in every vehicle, and I understand how unlikely it is that my ideal vehicle interactions would be available in any game.


adding this i believe that peoples go bug in wall to view inside of base, need colision with objects with this and letal damage in case of you shock you skull in a object.


Specifically this just so we can’t do 360 quad/bicycle/dirtbike rolls free-of-charge.


@JewTron @Aj_Gaming @Kylie

As you may or may not know, the glitchy physics from standing on a car or soaring off a ramp is actually caused by auth physics, which is far simpler than you might think.

“Auth” or authoritative physics was brought about in early 3.0 when people were blatantly flyhacking, and this system was a very crude fix that made flyhacking impossible. However, the main byproduct was that standing on vehicles is extremely buggy, as to the game, you are levitating off the ground yet clipping into a vehicle at the same time.

Auth physics is a very old mechanic that isn’t even needed in 3.0 anymore with the addition of BattlEye, and auth physics also uses a huge amount of an entire server’s computing power. It is the sole cause for the glitchiness of anything that involves air time, other than aircraft. Believe it or not, it’s not lag, nor is it an engine limitation. In fact, before auth physics, standing on vehciles was actually incredibly stable, even on laggy multiplayer servers.

It’s safe to say that since auth physics will not be present in 4.0, the long time problem of glitchy vehicle contact will not be either.


can we just say before this happens we could do with a door opening animation as first priority LOL


Nice,I would love having my own functional mobile base,instead of having to build one (3.0’s makeshift vechicles)


personally i feel like it’d be simpler to be able to roam around them separately from driving them so that that way you could sit on chairs that could possibly be INSIDE the RV itself rather than having to cycle through all of them.


So… Can it be removed ? Unturned 3 is not yet bug free and a finished game… It shouldn’t have been officialy released.


Shouldn’t have been officially released??? HAHAHHAHAH. You know why unturned is so buggy? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANTED IT SO QUICKLY! The result of that? A game which has bugs that cannot be fixed without destroying the entire game. 3.0 is a house of cards, built during a earthquake and in top of a collapsing building. Any mistake could corrupt everything.
That may have been excesive…


Jesus Christ, AJ! Calm down. You sounded more hyper and pissed than a guy with a running nose do cocaine while also high on LSD


I remember when Workshop was first implemented in 3.0 WAAAAY back, there was this little RV mod, which was hollow and completely empty with 2 seats. I spent 30 minutes of my life spawning stuff and making this RV “mine” with what i could work with. It was really fun! I would really enjoy an RV in this game, one that would actually function as an RV, not just a vehicle.


I think that holding F would be a better suited control for that. If someone makes a vehicle with 12 seats, that would pose a problem, wouldn’t it ? Unlikely, but i feel like holding F to enter “roaming mode” is an easier, more intuitive control for that.


XD sorry Im just ticked off today cause a terraria world I had corrupted XD