SDG gaming gruppe


I’m wondering if starting an unofficial steam group for the forums would be OK. IDK if there already is one, but I want to have it be a way people from the forums could play games.

  • Yes
  • No

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Yeah that’d be good.
I could show you guys some very bad PVP skills.

I mean I’m bad at pretty much every game.


Close the poll before someone votes no. Accept no dissent.


Well, it’s been 100% yes so far… I’m not going to close the poll. I guess I’ll make it when I get home. Also, I will make the poll public.


voted no just for the maymays


See what you’ve done?


that could also allow to meet peoples that got a common interest in Unturned too, a good idea.


Voted no for the memes.


Well, the yes overcomes the no, so I will create it when I get home in a couple hours.


The group has been created!


Wouldn’t be a bad thing to make an “SDG” group aswell, but this time by Nelson or moderators. Since not everyone visits the Unturned discussions on Steam he could make announcements directly from the group, every member could receive a notification.


I was the first one to join.

Do I get to be owner?


You go to gulag


If I can figure out how to do it on my phone then Sure


I am the gulag.


Have fun going into and exploring yourself then.




@MoltonMontro do you want to be a mod?


If you make me a mod I’ll gladly place a :hammer: on anyone who annoys me thoroughly so.


You can :hammer: anyone who annoys you now.