Sending Unturned to space?


Binary is not a problem because is the base of the computer programming and that can be the same even on an alien pc unless they don’t use regular transistor pc and the use some *fancy quantum or different computers types or they don’t use at all radio waves.




What a bunch of fucking Weeaboos sending a sword to the moon. If it was historic like an old spear or sword, that would be cool. But sending a nerd weapon up into space only to land on the moon and spend the rest of god knows how long the moon Is here for, just to get dusty and forgotten…


It would look so stupid if it were the first monument on the moon.


I think the first monument on the moon is the american flag


Agreeable, then make this the second monument. For all the Weaboos in china and japan to see. A Fucking Sword be Launched from SpaceX, and plow its back end into the side of a moon.


It Shouldn’t Be Called the Lance of Longinus, It should be known as “The Lance of Pussinus” to show how much yen and pussies could be put and spent in the wrong place.



What sword is this? If this is a sword not from anime we should send this bad ass to the moon. As well as Big Sculpture of a Samori holding it. Now that would be fucking awesome.



lul getting upset about a failed Kickstarter from three years ago that only got 75% funding and was a side goal to an actual competition. lowkey tho I want a 3D printer to get a 4-5 foot replica


I propose a different idea


you could have an A E R O P L A N E FLYING

if you’d just BRING your BLUE SKIES back


Hypocrisy 100

How about not sending a sword to the moon? Wow!


We should send some freedom to the surface of the moon.

And by freedom I mean nukes.


We’ve already done that.


this should be mankind’s priority


I…i can agree…


The Sword of Goujian.