Serious 3.0 april fools suggestion



Writing a Devlog for once

just kidding guys Nelson can’t make the literally impossible happen haha


add Nelson high quality t-shirt



Normal People
Zombies that are normal, average, people


add benson boss zombie


make all zombies benson


benson hoodie on every zombie


Grips increase recoil instead of decreasing it


Explosive Sportshot, but instead of the bullets exploding, the Sportshot itself explodes.



Sportshot does 99 base damage and can raid bases, and so can the chainsaw, but only on wooden bases.

The rocket launcher explodes as soon as you click Mouse1


last year musta been one long april fools day prank


Better than that, all zombies are braindead teenagers staring at their phones


I thought this was supposed to be a serious suggestion thread?


I thought april fools was a joke


Wouldn’t average people have approximately half of an Y-chromosome and less than four limbs?


Unturned II gets a store page.


Hot idea:

Maplestrikes takes maple syrup cartridges as ammunition


And Heartbreaker breaks your heart


have the nailgun become a railgun


oh wow hes back.