Severity Levels Of Weather


Yeah, was just trying to better explain it. Was going to change the emphasis on “freezing point” after I added hail, but didn’t. That being said, hail still requires the cloud layer to be below freezing point. :]

Roughly an F0 tornado then (the Beaufort scale doesn’t use the Enhanced Fujita scale). Fujita scale is just rough estimates and not that accurate, so if I do mention tornadoes again I’ll assume it’s just an EF0 instead.


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I made a post upon this topic.

Bigger text wall than yours.


Here my suggestion :slight_smile:
4 level for each climate events :
It would work for the 6 events I suggest :

Exotic ( Sandstorm
Thunder bolts)

  • lvl 1 : calm
    Few rain
    Some wind ( type 2 on beaufort scale ) , leaves , sailing boats , windturbines and flags not affected , no bullet affected
    Some snow ( majority disappear when hitting ground )
    No Hail, no sandstorm and no lightning bolts

  • lvl 2 : Medium
    Light gray sky, more rain, small puddles
    More windy , type 5 on beaufort scale, flags , sailing boats and leaves affected, wind turbines at low power, bullet are affected by wind
    More snow with a White sky, snow stay on ground
    Tiny hails, kinda like snow, player suffer no damage
    A bit of dust and sand, no effect on player
    No lightning bolts

  • lvl 3 : uh-oh
    Dark grayish sky, a lot of rain, large puddles
    Heavy winds, type 7 on beaufort scale, flags and leaves heavily affected, trees a bit affected, wind sound everywhere, wind turbine produce max energy , bullets will almost alway fail to hit target due to wind
    snowy, hard to move, vehicles impossible to control without snow tires, visibility bad and medium turbulences in the airs
    medium hailstorm, few damages to players, damage weak glasses, damage light aircraft
    medium sandstorm, max oxygen reduced by 25 % during the storm, visibility bad
    Few lightning bolts

  • lvl 4 : hurry up, let’s hide

too much rain, floods near water, almost black sky, sometimes fully dark, very large puddles
heavy wind, trees ( except larges ones like redwood trees ) , flag poles and small power lines fall , windturbines stop to function, wind may push the player, player may fall sometimes. Heavy turbulences in aircrafts, if you manage to hit your target, your Clint eastwood
blizzard, snow covering everything, hard to Drive even with snow tires ( you will need snow mobile ) , no visibility
Heavy Hail storm , Hail may kill very fast, it damage everything except metals and high tier materials. Heavily damaging aircrafts, even larges ones as airliners , break all glasses.
Sandstorm, -75 % oxygen during the sandstorm, progressively losing health if not inside a building, vehicles engines and batteries damaged, electricity systems not working well.
many lightning bolts, thunder bolts .

  • hope you 'll like it


about lvl 3 in Wind and Snow
I like add a option to

  • incapacity of use airplanes. (no all, is injust a military helicopter dont fly in this conditions)
  • Decrease temperature

About all Wind

  • Move ships
  • Move !!HELICOPTERS!! when in the air

About Rain and Snow

  • Decrase or Increase friction (deppends on terrain) for example in dirt with rain lvl 3 maybe turn impossible a civilian car run for dirt.

just plus ideas


Really liking the idea of losing grip, don’t know how it hadn’t occured to me before!


I like the idea of flying from point A to point B in a plane or something when this massive storm comes out of nowhere and you have to land at a slippery airport under heavy crosswinds. That would be pretty cool to see implemented.


Interesting ideas, I would enjoy seeing something like this in-game.



Really like this idea. You did a good job explaining everything, it got the point across in few words, meaning people didn’t just skip it.


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