Should Unturned II move on and have realistic gun names and ammunition? A gun and ammunition concept:



Remember, the Colt and the Honeybadger had name changes in U3 presumably because of copyright issues.

This is true, and they were removed because it infringes copyright to have CERTAIN parts of an original guns name on the gun in the video game. Notice how Nelson got away with the Colt’s copyright by calling it an 1911, he could’ve went the extra step and called it an M1911 and completely avoid copyright there. Same went for the Honeybadger - the company had uniquely owned the term “Honeybadger” so it was deemed illegal.

Another example of bypassing this is instead of naming the M4A1 the “Daniel Defense M4 Carbine”, you named it the M4A1. You bypass copyright here only because there is no particular company that uniquely owns the M4A1’s copyright, but there is a company that uniquely owns the Daniel Defense M4 Carbine.

I’m almost certain there is no copyright at hand in terms of ammunition, considering their names are only caliber sizes. Maybe when you throw in “NATO” in it might it violate copyright but that can be dumped easily.


It’s not US-based. Not only is Nelson Canadian, but Pineridge is the name of a neighbourhood in Calgary, which is known to be Nelson’s hometown.

Either way I agree with the others - we really do not need realistic gun names, and I in fact think it gives Unturned some extra character regardless. Nelson is a hobbyist developer, and he definitely doesn’t need to be spending the money for licensing, especially when the majority of players like the current names just fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As previously said though, it is already confirmed that ammo types (and this extends to some attachments too) are already getting their real life names. The whole caliber balancing thing will be a problem of the past - which was the main concern of this post, so the main issues you’re bringing up are presumably already solved.


In II the Eaglefire is an M4A1.


No we should not end the legacy of the game’s goofy gun names.

There is no good reason to change it other than satisfying the preferences of gun nuts that plague the balancing feedback of the community. Ah yes, why did I mention gun nuts? They do not understand the difference between a game and realism, suggesting that guns should replicate exactly like their real life counterparts in terms of performance. They get crazy over how underperforming the weapons do or their attributes don’t ‘make sense’ to them.

Not only that, it is a waste of money to buy these licenses and takes away a creative part of the game. As said, all because of a preference.

Besides the ammunition name is already being changed to realistic numbers so the benefit of it is invalid, also since they are mutually exclusive to rarity


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also, why would the first map be set in the USA? every version of unturned so far has had a first (actual) map set in canada (except 1, 1’s setting was some fictional region).

seems nelson would disagree (he helps with this wiki). also, the “AR-32” doesn’t exist. that was just the old name for the eaglefire.

and? it’s still a waste of money.


It gives the game charm.


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Realistic ammunition names are already implemented. Check out any devlog video to see the progress of UII.

As for realistic names, with the renaming of the Honeybadger and a few military vehicles due to copyright issues, I doubt Nelson is going to be on board with paying for them or trying to loosely copy.

Nelson left a good post in here relating to ballistics, check that out since that might answer other questions you have concerning gunplay.


The main thing I’m disagreeing with is the goofy gun names. Names should reflect their purpose and have some kind of value, and having a name just for the sake of having it like the Heartbreaker for example should only be a last resort.


No it shouldn’t.

Unturned is not a realistic game, so it makes sense for it to have lighthearted names for it’s weapons.

If you wanted a realistic game, then you’re looking in the wrong place.


the bluntforce gives a wideshot of big death so that makes sense

the maplestrike strikes people and its canadian

the eaglefire is a freedom maker

the peacemaker is used to shoot people and make peace by shooting

the sportshot is the name of an argentinian goddess.


I said this once and I will say it again. Names should reflect their purpose and have some kind of value, for example the Uzy in 2.0 or the Makarova would be good names.


You’re playing the wrong game then. “Goofy” names are as much a part of Unturned as is a blocky character model.

“And you wonder why nobody ever takes you seriously…”

I don’t understand why you feel the need to be rude. It’s not productive. Stop being an asshole.

And honestly, I think the majority of people here take Yarrr a lot more seriously than they’ve ever taken you. You’re the one constantly making communist memes and shit posts. Just gonna leave that one there.


In my defense, I haven’t made a communist meme in months. Not to mention I make a lot of constructive posts to balance those out.

I don’t see where I’ve done anything wrong, all I’ve done is protest against these “goofy” names which I feel ruin the feeling of some of the weapons because they don’t have any relation to the actual weapon whatsoever.


That was pretty fucking uncalled for if I don’t say so myself.
(Also inb4 thread gets locked due to impending shitstorm)
(Also also pesky, you haven’t been productive in the entire thread either)


Alright, I’ll apologize for that one. The rest I feel are legitimate arguments.
It’s not the names that are so much the problem, in fact I’m perfectly fine with names such as the Augewehr that actually reflect the weapon’s origin and purpose.

No hard feelings, I hope.

On the other hand, I feel that this is a serious thing I need to address. Although I can see how realism for the sake of realism is bad, Unturned II is still going to have some measure of realism as opposed to the current version. Therefore I want names that reflect their actual counterparts in reality.

Unpopular opinion is unpopular, I know. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to argue my point.


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