Should we as a Community help make the OST for Unturned 4.x?


I don’t care if it’s a necropost or not. I just am really on board with this idea.


There was a reason, because I simply wanted to for the hell of it.


…you do realize that making music for nelson would technically be working for him

as in being hired by nelson to make music

also why is royalty free music in quotation marks?


Often times if you necro on a post just to show your support, a simple like would be much better suited.

That said, I guess you had a somewhat original idea to bring?


just hire c418, they (or he, i dont even know if its a group or a single guy) make the soundtracks.

They will do a good job.


I don’t know why it’s in quotation marks. I just made it a bit more sarcastic I guess?