Should we as a Community help make the OST for Unturned 4.x?


I don’t care if it’s a necropost or not. I just am really on board with this idea.


There was a reason, because I simply wanted to for the hell of it.


…you do realize that making music for nelson would technically be working for him

as in being hired by nelson to make music

also why is royalty free music in quotation marks?


Often times if you necro on a post just to show your support, a simple like would be much better suited.

That said, I guess you had a somewhat original idea to bring?


just hire c418, they (or he, i dont even know if its a group or a single guy) make the soundtracks.

They will do a good job.


I don’t know why it’s in quotation marks. I just made it a bit more sarcastic I guess?


I have a list of a few producers that would be good candidates for making the OST:

  • Ölafur Arnalds
  • Waterflame
  • Ola Strandh
  • Jesse Valentine (F-777)


As seen in the poll results, it’s clear the community would prefer to help Nelson make the OSTs as opposed to just straight up hiring a producer.


Consider it a backup plan.


Oh, wow 69% voted for the community to do it


Hey, that’s pretty good.


Alright, boys. Let’s do it.


I have been experimenting with a new music program. give me a few more weeks, and I could make something XD


I know how to use Soundation so yeah! It is also free btw with no payment.


The results are pretty positive for us to make the soundtrack for now! Also try using Soundation!

#37 is another good option. You can use it to collaborate with others to get things done faster.


The discussion is pretty much solved at this point…
BuT ThIS iS a DISCusSion duh. EyE juz conTiNUE the thING, iS iT BAd?

Don’t give me wrong, you can bring back and continue the “already achieved” suggestion, but should you do it? Go figure.

Also, I personally think FL studio would do the trick better than the first 2, it’s still pretty complicated and the fact that it’s not free. But crack existed…


Halo reach menu soundtrack


“Prepare for Escape,” aka the main theme for Escape From Tarkov, is a perfect representation of what type of theme woud fit Unturned II’s darker, desolate atmosphere. If it gives people chills, then it’s a good theme for Unturned II.


If you got an acoustic guitar, now is the time to put it to good use. It’s perfect for that “desolate apocalypse” vibe.