Skyscrapers to Sand Dunes |Kuwait 'Blog' #2|


Cause maybe, you the furry.


is this hardcore henry


who knows… maybe Im one without knowing it.
/s im not one.


inside :b:oke


you use that B excessively.


are :b:ou
im not sorry


yes you are. Or Ill find random artwork that will ruin you. Mentally anyways.


10 char


glad nobody mentions me when the furry discussion comes up

i mean except for animatic who is a BIG PEE POO MEANIE FARD HEAD!>>!!!


I dont mention you because I dont want to seem rude XD


nah man, best way to handle something weird about yourself is to make fun of it. someone calls you a degenerate furry? best way to handle it is to say “true, very true”


guess thats a good tactic XD


Can? Can’t? What are you trying to say?!



I can’t wait!


Yes thank you


Thank you Kanye, very cool!


NPC’s and factions to be added later on?
Some dune raiders or something like that, is a dessert.


Sorry for replying so late, but NPCs will be in the map when it releases. And no, I don’t think I’ll make raiders.


fuck i chose the wrong time to start making a map
i’m dreading the time 4.0 comes out…


Hey, don’t worry about 4.0. Even when the beta comes out you won’t be able to make a fleshed out map (most probably).

Just work on your map right now, and make it the best it can be.