Slavic tracksuit


Comrade nelson, add the slavic trash can cannon as we need it to fight zombies.


Who the frick cares about a stupid brand of sportswear. Let Nelson do some fictional branding of his own! Instead of Adidas, It should be something that is made up by Nelson like “BeaverDas”. Also, we do not want nelson’s :a:SS to get sued by Adidas! I repeat, fictional branding will be better!


Just set Unturned in an alternate timeline where the USSR never failed and everything is under the Soviet brand.


I mean. Technically in this timeline, you don’t have have to pay a vending machine. Instead you share power to it and it’s shares one of it’s pops to you.

If that isn’t communistism then I don’t know what that is.


The perfect way to balance vending machines: requiring payment.

We just fixed Unturned 3, bois.

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dont forget about tschiburekis as an upgraded version of the mre






Roblox got on the hype trainc2a432be3e94dc339711a4a961403fb3


Can you actually let this thread die in peace for once? It’s been going on for two whole months at this point.


Slavic memes never die