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the previous edit i nicked off a clickbait video


its not D btw


Everyone says that it’s C, but for me it’s no one because D doesn’t get crushed, and whenthe ball reaches the platform, it will be still like that because physichs, the ball misses a chunk, so it’s less heavy than the other one, so no one dies.


The ball with the cutout may have less mass, but it also has momentum, so it may still impact with enough force to launch the other ball.


The ball lands in the middle of a fulcrum lever.

It’s physically impossible for it to launch the other ball, therefore nobody dies.


How would it land in the middle?


First of all — stop shitposting. Please.

Everyone will die.


this is a question, not shitpost


I would make the assumption that no one would die, because from the ball rolling down the hill, it would go fast enough and miss the far right platform and hit the other ball and not do anything.


i think its the ball becose it wil be “knocked off” by E :smiley: .



As you can see, the ball comes to a rest in the middle of the swing. @GreatHeroJ was right!

(There is also the possibility of D dying as the ball might not hit perfectly on the groove.)


Looks like all those years of APs and crippling depression finally paid off


Well, due to actually physics, D’S head would be scraped off. Because I think that the chunk is large enough to at stop the ball (at least to make it slide before it starts rolling again). So, theoretically everyone survives, but in actually D be hella ded. It also looks like that the chunk will be up will be up by the time it reaches him.


Some science stuff; What if at the middle(orange circle dotted line) the ball didn’t get enough velocity (too heavy, etc.) and would not make the jump as fast and then land on the platform and kill C
Also with D, This is assuming the ball would again get enough speed and perfectly miss D.
(This is only a what if; I think no one would be killed but im looking at some of the potential outcomes if the original one is wrong)

see this doesnt happen because in anti gravity the ball doesnt fall


the thing is, C would not get killed in any scenario as the ball acting as a counterweight has more mass than the one being thrown down, which means that the lever will never actuate enough for the spikes to crush C. The only possible answer might be D.


in order for C to die it depends on the mass


Which is kind of what I said.


proceeds to use absolutely zero actual physics principles, or even terminology




is velocity just an everyday word that I dont seem to use everyday?