So I made this XD


So the first thing i did in unity is create a maplestrike, but it might not have turned out so well XD I dunno. heres a picture.
Could anyone give me advise? cause well Im not perfect at this xd


More like a dummystrike xD. What you should do is get a picture of a cz which the maple is based off of, and then start outlining it. Look at one of fiffes streams, it should help you.

Edit: I am assuming your making it for 4.0.


wut no. and I did use a maplestrike picture XD, But the 3.0 one, and its for 3.0, not 4.0. This was just me experimenting XD. this is what its based off.
yes, not perfect whatsoever, but yeah.


Oh. Ok, well I don’t know what to say.


Yeah well once I perfect it, I’m probably gonna make it a "map object xd


Make it look more trash, then make it have op stats. :ok_hand:


Lol, maybe XD


Needs more wed


Erm xdxd. Guess it will make you fall asleep XD


I think KingFrog was saying you base it off a real gun, not a fictional gun based on a real gun.

Gun looks really thick in some areas. Missing details like a trigger and rail system. Recommending using a sketchfab 3D model as a reference.


It’s basically as if the Maplestrike had an inbred child


The Maplestrike is based off of the Colt Canada C7A2.


If you’re trying to make a gun model, you should directly base it off of the real thing and not an already convoluted 3.0 version of the real thing.


You’re, uhh… supposed to make it in blender first


T-T… BAH I GIVE UP T_T… this day has been absolute shit, so I dont feel like dealing with fixing everything.


you do not have the c o m m i t m e n t



well Is tarted working on it again, happy? Plus I decided to make my own gun, so this is what it looks like now XD
Also, @NuclearPotato why did I need to make it in blender first?


Also, it may be hard to notice, but I made more detail to he mag :stuck_out_tongue:


hey guys? anyone know how to add color to this gun???
know what Ill just look it up.


UV Mapping should let you add textures, if you used blender, there are tutorials for it.