So, what's this?


So I was trying to tinkering around the example models, and then I noticed this.

I’ve tried modified the model via blender, but it’s seems that this file doesn’t updated. (The other one does however. But overalls it didn’t work)

I want to know how can I updated that tho? Thanks.


wait. example models? what? Where? did someone mention this to me before but I forgot?


Isn’t that just the moose model?


yeah actually, that looks like it, just tipped overt sideways XD


You replace things via the Hierarchy menu.


How exactly?


Drag bundle to into scene (which you’ve already done).

Uncollapse the dropdown for it (which you haven’t done).

Rest should be self-explanatory when it comes to selecting hooks to move (such as for guns), replacing models/LODs by selecting them and modifying them in the Inspector, etc.

Replace bundle in Project view by dragging the modified one from Hierarchy over the old one.