Sugestion for Translations


Translations are no just translation of small words, more help more to understand the game more.

My suggestion would be as follows:
There is the Bundles file which I think most know Items, Guns and others are here
My idea would be that it could add the ability to translate the bundles folder through Localization
Basically it would be that the game tries to find translations in the sufficient Bundles in Translations
It would be helpful enough.
After all folders in Translations are just folders created or downloaded used for translation, I know we can translate bundles by adding another .dat file, but when it comes to sending a translation to workshop it basically does not work, well at least for the bundles folder.
Translation by Google.


This is already possible. The problem you’re having is user error, as you cannot upload more than one folder to the Workshop, and need to upload a nested folder rather than every individual Bundles folder.

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