Suggestion- new russian gun


I have a suggestion for a new russian gun, i really want to see an ots-14 groza which is a bullpup rifle, i think it looks really good and could be similar (in stats) to an augewehr, if it would be added i don’t really know how the name would be but you can leave your suggestions/critics below!


…great…more guns…like there isn’t 30 already but the only ones used are the honey badger and the grizzly…


If only we had a shadowstalker Mk.3.

Deals 420 base damage.
Takes civ ammo
360 clips, and over 9000 drum
And haz many skins.

Much good, must add or your not a true fan on the game, brah


What about the Shadowstalker Mk.4?

Deals 100000000 base damage
Takes every ammo
Literally aims for you
Drum size is so big, no one knows the true capacity
Silent for the user but deafens those who are within a range of 10km
All of the skins have wacky futuristic names
Doesn’t follow the artstyle
Broken on launch



Sorry, pal. Sure a Groza is cool and all, but there’s zero focus on adding new guns to Unturned atm.



Thanks MG!

Tho, I thonk its a little underpowered if you catch the drift.

Must come with 11km blast rang thok

and uhh…

Must heal allies on every hit, cuz it whould be underused otherwise.

13km must be minimal fort this abliitie

MG, medkits and guns sounds awsoe!


We don’t need Glaz from Rainbow Six Siege in a survival game


yall need to chill and be respectful to people, damn i was just adding a suggestion lmao


the OTS-14 Groza is a bullpup Russian AR, dude, basically a bullpup AK carbine, look it up


If you’ve done the slightest bit of research you’d know that weapon requests are some of the most over-suggested things of all time on every single medium of the community, up there with the infamous NPC bandits. Things like this being posted are often low effort/add not much to the game, but also just annoying to see all the time for a lot of people.

Right now, the last thing we need in 3.0 is more guns. We’ve got plenty of those already.


If this was in 2014 - before the Russia update - I could understand this suggestion. Now it’s just pointless to add something like this. Would rather see it in 4.0.


well then if all suggestions are focused on 4.x then a moderator can maybe move this to that section then


Glaz is a Russian operator in the game Rainbow Six Siege… look him up.
I know what i’m saying fam. I know the OTS