Test Easter Egg?


I remember a while back that somebody posted a prank of the words test in the unturned graphitti form. Well, I actually found a real one above the crashed convoy near Seattle. I will post a video when I get home. (About 7 hours)


Dude have you forgotten that someone already made a post about the test auto decals? Xd
If you didn’t know, it’s a decal Nelson made to test out decals. I don’t know why he put them on a lot of maps but whatevs.


They made that and we’re just joking, I think


No actually, I’m pretty sure they were’nt xdxd


Oh. I thought they were


But you can always publish your video


I’m pretty sure that they were added for testing transparent graffiti.

Since I think there’s a semi transparent version of it inside the editor. Again. They probably thought that it look “good” and left it there. (Like demo building)


Surprisingly 1 minute of unedited footage takes longer than a 3-minute video of edited footage, 22 minutes left.