Thats a hard hit for unturned


go to 1:02


Let’s boycott this channel

Please don’t actually do that.




Nolson is a bad meme.
We all know it’s Noslon now.
Get with the times.


I leave for 4 days. And they change it to NosLon…


Actually its neslon, seems plenty of people just call him that in general xd


If you are going to say his name correctly, I suggest you use a capital letter.


Only time I saw “Neslon” was in your thread, Nolsen is the way.


Nobody calls him “neslon”.

The meme is Noslen.


As someone who sympathizes with both communities I can indeed say this is another quality slice of humor from Shadowfrax.

I’m pretty sure he respects Unturned.


Naw Ive seen neslon plenty xd, but Nolson is good as well. XD


Also everyone saying that, its a joke about the people who misspell his name xD and dont realise it xD


I know what the meme is, but when people misspell it, they misspell it as “Noslen” or “Noslon”.

In the 4 years I have been in this community you’re the only one I’ve seen spell it “Neslon”.


Look later tonight, I’ll make a Neslon tracking post.


Cough cough
Cough cough
(thanks molt :))


Cough cough

Cough cough


HOLY SHI* (error, too much data to process. Self destruct initiated) NOOOO!! (Boom)


He is actually Нильсои