The All-New Steam Chat


What are your thoughts on these new features ?


Rest in Peace, Discord.


I never realized how much I hated the default Steam UI until I opted into the beta and disabled Metro to test the new features. Took me about 3 minutes before I just noped the fuck out and went back to normal Steam with Metro.

I’m sure the new features are great, but I’m not touching that beta with a 32 and a half foot pole until the skins update the support it.


Yup, not a huge fan of the current look of it either.


I’ve just run into the same exact scenario. Steam is so painful without it.


I don’t even see this on my steam, its just normal


Click on the link.


But where’s Unturned II beta???


…holy shit, it actually does just look like discord, lmfla gg valve


It’s missing a few of the current version’s features, such as not showing categorized friends in the Online/Offline lists. It also doesn’t seem to have a setting for disabling the lists for people playing “Other Games” and people playing your “Favorite Game.” games.

If it does, someone direct me to the where. >:C


ehh, I like the easy of calling somebody


I’ve been using the default skin for 4 years now (much like the old default Gold skin for Unturned, with a black interface and golden yellow mouse cursor)

Deal with it, brudda


I used to use Blue Pulse for a while. I’m all default :b:oi now!

Except for when I’m :b:eta :b:oi.


After 9 years in development, hopefully it has been worth the wait.


beta-specific patch being made for you silly Metro people



I’m going Beta patch 24/7 now. I’ll see you all on the other side! :roller_coaster:

If anyone else joins the beta, hit me up and I’ll send you some cool images/gifs/videos to play in your steam chat.


Hit me up dood


Send me a friend request. :thinking:


Done dood :white_check_mark:


literally no one using it…its in the beta and not much people have it