The Almighty RPG


Let’s play an RPG. Meh there aren’t really any rules, just think of it as text-based skyrim.

I’ll start it off.

Codian used “Swiftness Potion”!
Codian used God Bless.
The pretty little clouds retreat in fear of being painted…


King frog uses a crossbow to shoot codian swiftness potion of of his hands (because king frog is a jerk)


IDK what happened, it posted 3 of the same thing even though I typed it once :stuck_out_tongue:


Codian turns to KingFrog and mockingly whips out 3 more swiftness potions, and a copy of Minecraft as a shield.

Codian has challenged KingFrog to a duel.


King frog declines politely, and hops away, but leave behind a magical line in the dirt, which no one is allowed to cross.


Codian is puzzled by the situation. He cracks open a cold one and waits for more scrubs to join the game and for him to spawnkill.


suddenly, his cold one manages to catch on fire… somehow.
A challenger aproaches. (also, did you get this idea cause I said we should make an rpg post ont hat other post? XD)


King frog uses NEEEERD. It’s very effective at delet-ing the hot cold one from existence.


Pesky uses Slime Dunk and flatens to heal


i heal for 20


AJ used laugh. Its highly effective.


Pesky uses Slime Summon and summons Minions For Aj, Its Effective


AJ gives tophat 100 gold coins. Tophat… absorbs them? Tophats overall strength increases.


Pesky thanks Aj for the gift and spares his life


AJ walks away, then explodes into a fireball then teleports. AJ used gather rails from abandoned mineshafts to make a minecart track.


AJ encounters Fire bat. AJ used Ice throw. Its highly effective


AJ found slime staff, AJ teleports to pesky and offers to sell it to him.


(im afk for 1 hour)


(just drop it near me)


AJ drops slime staff by Pesky. AJ realises that hes basically alone now. AJ wanders off.