The Almighty RPG


EAFX drops his brain and joins the post


Suddenly, Codian notices the outsider and signals everyone to come here… suddenly all gunfire stops, and as everyone gathers, Codian says (in an awful wild west accent) : "C’mere b0eh "

Gunfire erupts around Codian as everyone targets EAFXD.

Every shot misses. Oh wait! I forgot! They were all firing from hipfire!


Maybe people should have spent more time getting Honeybadgers.


Mr.Rawr transcends into his eternal form, becoming the fourth harbringer of essence into the mortal plane. He now oversees every activity in every plane and grants everyone on the mortal plane a golden hazed donut as a part of his campaign for the eternal harbinger.


Codian decides to open a bar inside the RPG. It shall be called “issues and such”.

[ BUY ] [ SELL ]


A golden hazed doughnut materialised above Peedeoo7’s unconscious face

It splatters everywhere

That’s insulting you!!! Mmmmmm!!!

Peedeoo7 continues to lie unconscious, but now sticky and wet, which then attracts ants and slimes



Astro and company finish construction of Pugville.


AJ teleports in and blows up pugville then runs off


(Run forrest run)


Pug rebuilds Pugville with superhuman speed, installing a boom boom security thing sentry


AJ teleports in and still manages to destroy pugville, then he imprisons Pug.


(Details please?)


(what ware you talking about?)


Pug is extremely confused by this superhuman ability, and finds that the cell was just a hologram. Pug beings to build an underground Pugville.


(How did you do that?)


(well I used random explosive attacks from my arsenal, along with a few weapons I got)


(Were those weapons off of me?)


Peedeoo7 is being enveloped by multiple slime cubes

Common Swamp Slime acquired Peedeoo7!

Peedeoo7 is suspended and still unconscious inside a large slime cube

Peedeoo7 can surprisingly still breathe, it seems like slimes are moderately oxygenated environments.

Your a horrible caretaker harvest, and Mr Rawr, Why, was that really appropriate? Peedeoo7 also sustained several fire ant bites

The slime hops away into the swampy undergrowth

Peedeoo7’s platform looks squeaky clean, exemption is a small pile of gold coins that fell out of his pocket


A goblin apears and steals the dropped gold coins, leaving no evidence


AJ walks by and notices a goblin running off with a sack. He shrugs and continues on.