The Almighty RPG


“A random slime finds it’s way to the bar “issues and such”, and then proceeded to drop off it’s issues.”

Congratulations! You acquired your first customer!

Some random unconscious dude coverd head to toe in swamp slime!!!

Peedeoo7 just lies on the floor coverd in slime in a crumpled pile, in horrible physical condition!

The prompt [ BUY ] [ SELL ] opens!

as expected he just leaves you hanging there, great…


AJ found an abandoned military base!


It’s just filled with old swords and 1 good find, which makes no sense in this universe.


AJ acquired M1 Grand!


AJ scratches his head trying to understand how a gun ended up here.


You are in king frogs swamp aren’t you? Mean you just passed by me a second ago

maybe thats his castle, and your stealing from him



everyone in the area lost all morale
aj takes 450 damage leaving him at 25 total hp


Aj is knocked skyward and lands at some familiar wooden platforms.

A golden hazed doughnut appears above his head.

Sadly An is knocked unconscious after the king frogs attack.

It splatters over his face, and once again attracts ants and slime to clean up the mess.

What do you know, he also gets enveloped by a common swamp slime and it bounces through the foliage

To you guess what’s

Issues and such bar

He is dumped next to a unconscious Peedeoo7 and the [ BUY ] [ SELL ] prompt pops up.

Again he is left hanging, but now with two rejects.

the slime stinks btw


Codian politely shuffles to @Peedeoo7 and offers a handkerchief to wipe the giant slime which is encapsulating him.

He also offers the slime a shot glass of vodka, labelled “glorious motherland water”


Peedeoo7 whould accept, but now he is just lightly moaning with his arm facing the wrong way, with a bit to many scratches and bruses.

Kind of like Aj, he looks like he is suffering a few crushed rips, and a light eRo0rrrr noise emits.

It IS annoying.

So Codian just sits at his bar, possably thinking about when and how his life came to this point.

He might as well open a hospital with a in house bar.

The lights now flicker and vary intensity thanks to his latest addition


AJ wakes up and throws two knives right beside Codian’s head.


Pesky gets bored and thinks of a riddle

“What walks on 4 feet in the mourning, 2 feet in the noon, and 3 feet at Evening?”


The bushes next to him rustle and whisper

A man

Then they go quiet


Pesky floats above Peedeo without being noticed and fires an arrow randomly


above the treetops


This arrow ends up getting the slime that’s been kidnapping people and killing it.


Pesky falls asleep and moves towards AJ

his quiver falls off the cloud


The quiver falls and hits a random glitched Wolf. The resulting item is reported to AJ. AJ acquired Wolf quiver!


(all this is happening in king frogs swamp right?)


Codian nods to KingFrog reassuringly, then realises the terrible location of his bar.