The Almighty RPG



The NPC looks Glitched


I wonder what hydro point looks like now.

I imagine a lot of screaming


AJ is currently watching a npc from one world get eaten by a zombie. nearby a building is glitching between a tavern and a office building


What the current state looks like, there is only limited places to go since anybody who touches the glitch will become one…


(Is this “the old world” as in everything East of the Atlantic Ocean, the world where we came from, which is ruled by an evil Molton Montro, or the world Harvest is in which is ruled by a not so evil Molton Montro?)


(erm the entire world was changed XD we are no longer in a medieval type of world XD, well with the glitching there might be a bit from that world. )


(yeah back up through some comments and you’ll see were in some apocalyptic city)


Pesky is legitimately scared since the Glitch is climbing its way up the clouds

“Holy Shit, look at all those bugs… we’re gonna need a bigger swatter for this… Now where all those suitcases I stored away…”

Pesky searches for his suitcases so he can start moving away from the glitches




(What the devil do you mean by the old world?)


(the kingdom)


(We need specific names for all these places.)


(Kingdom of Tardland)


(City of Shitsville)


(Happy now?)


(no there were different names.)



(Body paragraph my ass)


Pug steps out of the bunker, noticing the Glitch
“What the…”
Pug steps back in to signal an emergency evacuation:
“Attention, a… strange… object has been spotted a few miles south expanding at approximately 2 miles per hour. All personnel must evacuate the building within an hour. Take whatever you can with you.”


(Hydro Point and the other name im too lazy to find.)


(can someone make a map for this to clear confusion?)