The Almighty RPG


A entire world glitch occurred! Everyone was transported to a terraria world


Pesky floats by but for only a few moments before falling

“wtf… The hell is going on? First were 3D, now were in a city, then a 2d Forest? Shit… When will i stop Trippin”


Major Peedeoo7 falls from the sky, hitting a Cliffside hard, and bounces into a deep dark cavesystem with who knows what inside, whatever it is you don’t want to mess with itHINTY

Peedeoo7 is in a crumpled up heap, looking like he died a particularly heroic? gruesome death, completely torn apart and messed up

he lies in a corner with his obliterated coalition major suit, remains of a vest and helm, backpack, torn black obi, and cracked golden aviators staring blankly

Something tells you he will get back up eventuality, but for now he has some valuable lootz!

  • A matamoresizer, 16× coalition soldier spawn eggs, a blt, currency, a golden hoe, a enchanted longsword, minigun remains, 1 seater makeshift vehicle, gyrochopter, and cactus chest armor pre-nerf PDW , and “Other”


(a golden hoe)


Pesky looks around confused, then starts up with Everyone

“Do you know wtf is going on? Cause so far we’ve been through like 4 different places by this point and im fucking tired of it. Fuck this, im logging for the night”

TophatPesky has Left the Game


Aj litteraly just watched someone disappear. He now knows he is actually inside a game, and him being there is screwing with it. AJ then decides whatever" and starts attempting to build a town. Everyone suddenly has the feeling that something evil is watching them AJ finds Peedeoo and uses a healing potion on him. AJ looks slightly nervous as the sun starts to set.


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AJ then shrugs and pulls out a flaming sword. It does 50 damage per hit but uses up 20 mana every 2 seconds. Though strangely AJ has gone over the limit for the amount of mana /energy he has. Strange fog rolls over the land, and it starts to rain. Then lightning! All players get the notification, the eye of Cthulu has awoken!


Thanks to Peedeoo7’s hidden reality admin powers he revieves, but posses the knowledge of a coalition Major that just died a horrible, utterly terrifying death.

Peedeoo7’s eyes boots up, and he simultaneously screams, and backs up into a corner, then he notices… Aj…

Peedeoo7’s eyes dart around in the darkness, gasps, and he scrambles and gets his keychain flashlight out. He always knew it whould come handy…

He sits there a moment and tries to process what’s happening in his head and the outside world…

Moderately shaken up, he asks? Who are you? Why am I here? Did no one survive?

And why am I alive? looks down or at least, think I am…

Peedeoo7 looks around…

At the actural darkness…

~Peedeoo7 Gets silenced!

~Peedeoo7 tosses incendiary grenade!


EAFXD gets destroyed by 108 new unread messages


AJ has weapons based on his powers instead of the powers themselves. He uses a ice staff to freeze the grenade midair. Then he gets swallowed by EOC (eye of Cthulu, terraria boss that’s basically a giant eye, in its second stage the iris is replaced with a very large mouth with very shark teeth xd)


Bullets start tearing out of the EOC but it isn’t enough yet!


AJ then realises that he will have to use some major attacks! Since peedeoo isn’t helping. AJ uses Advance Flame sword he slices his way out of the monster, killing it. He then gets the loot it dropped. Turning around he explains what’s going on and who he is to peedeoo.


lol I was sleeping

Peedeoo7 sits there Blankly for a second staring, and then slowly after digesting some of that information, thanks the mysterious stranger, proceedes to climb to the surface, murderiseing a few dozen hostile creatures on the way up and he sets up a campfire and a tent for the night.

The night is dark, and foggy.

Peedeoo7 is peacefully camping, stateing at the stars that are barely visible wondering about if anyone survived the Hydro Point dock slaughterfest, which many unspeakable horrors happened…


(only 415 NORMIE)


King frog uses magnet, and steals Peedeoo7’s secret “Pocket Fang” (pocket dragonfang).
Peedeoo is bewildered!
King Frog Sneaky level is up to 99


Pesky has Joined the Game

“Enjoy it while you last”

Pesky has Left The Game


AJ climbs up after them and watches as kingfrog steals peedeoos stuff. AJ Litteraly stops caring and Horatio find the dungeon. He then decides to bring peedeoo along so just grabs him and starts running.


~Peedeoo7 will remember king frogs action

Peedeoo7 is surprised when garbed, but does not resist, just his arm snatches up his bookbag.

His tent and fully fed fire is roaring in the light Forrest, surely nothing bad will happen.

Peedeoo7 lightly lost in thought, readies up his battle gear to face who knows what.

~Climatic rpg music playes

  • Major Peedeoo7 joins the party!

also when I’m away feel free to have me do a few attacks if necessary, after all you are the party leader


King frog hides the pocket Fang by the tree on the cliff, as he has no pockets.