The Almighty RPG



(Good riddance)


AJ reappears, smacks harvest then goes away again.


King frog laughs as he has been away for 7 days, and still has his regular tag.


Red laughs as he was away for three weeks, yet still kept his Regular rank.


AJ feels like the site admins are trolling him now.


You may not be able to see this


I can’t… What is it, the list of regulars or what?


So a “secret” elder rank may exist?


I have no idea what you all are talking about.


Follow the links, there is a “staircase” of the four traditional ranks, then a undiscussed “elder” rank.


I don’t have the authority to access it.
Basically because I’m not regular anymore I can’t see it.


Summary: requirements of Regular must be met every 100 days.


But I literally was on and posting every day except for that 1 week.


You’re account also got suspended before, wouldn’t surprise me that it affected you in someway.


I lost regular for a day after that but got it back quickly.


B.T. Doesn’t know what the fuck is going on here and leaves.


AJ is lost in the void.


Unturned player rejoins the server.
He says" wait what happened?" He gets shot by a guy with a grizzly.
He respawns in the same place. He dies again, and again, and again and, again and again, and again creating a loop leading to server being crashed and forcing people to rejoin and start over.


Now start over.


Peedeoo7 is inside a insane asylum.

He put himself there.

From the events of the last game.

Everyone is invited to come to the insane asylum.

Please, put yourselves there, there’s free cookies. And healthcare.

Though, Peedeoo7 has the only delux sute cell advalable though.