The Almighty RPG


SteveDream joins

SteveDream: Ha, I told You that I exist.

SteveDream feels that he didn’t get any attention

SteveDream Left


In the meantime, some where east, a man washed up on the shore started to wake up.
The incessant rain seemed to have helped him recover from that comatose state he was in, perhaps for hours. The waves thanks to the high tide began to wet his feet, which seemed to speed up his recovery.

It was night.

In the distance a lighthouse illuminated the coast, shining intermittently. It was the only thing able to give hope to those sailors who for too long remained in the sea wanting nothing more than to have another chance to land again.
Was the man one of those?
Perhaps his boat had faced a challenge too much bigger than it could have sustained?
One thing is certain, The winged blond could never find that man again, not without a fundamental help.

The thunders shook the sky like a blacksmith vibrates the metal with persistent but apparently casual blows.

With all the will left in his body, the man began to get up.
For a moment he stumbled, seemed to be able to stand up but as soon as such thought touched his mind, his strength came less and fell again to the ground, his face again immersed in that damp sand in which he woken.
He tried again, this time with the help of a branch not far from him. He was standing.

Almost suddenly, his face wrapped in terror turned towards the sea as if to seek confirmation of what he feared most.
In the distance, slow, but inexorable, a ship began to approach.

It was time to move.


This is an RPG, not a auto-biographical realistic fiction./s


But what if it’s an alien mothership?


-king frog is taken up by the tractor beam of the :alien: ufo
-The aliens are suprised at king frogs wierd body type


Writes a Role Play Game text ^

Claims that is not good ^

Then, good? ^


I forgot 1 little thing…


Unturned player goes to asylum.


But that asylum were haunted by spooki ghosts.

Old’s lady asylum was it’s name. But it’s not just the ghosts that haunted it. It’s was the horrid experiments that were conducted there.

As one of the aliens invasion group killed all of the players, they started to investigating on the asylum’s basement…


"Why are we even here?" Said the alien while speaking to himself. "We should be raiding the major cities of this filthy planet but instead, the commander sent our unit here. I just don’t get it…"

He could now see at the end of that long corridor, some stairs heading down. That was defenetly the entrance to the underground level.


All the Neva from afar


Peedeoo7 stands at the corner of his delux padded cell, he glances towards the metal doorway, which is heavily reinforced, he hears faint, distant footsteps. Though, there still quite far.

He takes a seat at a table in his room, with it’s firm but quilted surface. There is a plate of old world style chocolate chip cookies which he values vary much.

The room is clean, and is well let.

He looks at the note on the table that was handed to him recently.

It bears the mark of the Molton Galatic Empire.

He sits down and sips his krispy Creame style hot chocolate. That he materialised in his hands. He never preferred coffee.

He sits calmly.

He put himself here, for good reason.

I’ll be a shame, if someone forced him out of this room.

He hears the ghostly staff in the hallway, they don’t seem happy. There a wierd bunch, but they left him alone.

He hears a series of particularly high volume screams and clashes

Well, someone is here to try to collect me.


The darkness around Peedeoo congeals into a vaguely humanoid shape.


The almighty eternal being Rawr’s wish giving staff malfunctions and instead of giving everyone the pre-order legendary edition of Unturned II he gives everyone ampersand sand. which is sand straight from the planet Sandy McSand land, made up of tiny ampersands instead of salts


Peedeoo7 lifts up his head from his seated position, but instead of saying something, you see a small stream of sand leak from his closed buldgeing mouth.

His eyes about bulges out it looks, and he starts strangling on the sand.

He is not alone, as sand starts leaking out of the black unidentified mass before him, and they start choking together.

The brawl outside also temporarily halts, as the sounds of guns clattering can be heard.

Unturned player also starts strangling somewhere also.

He chokes, we all choke, and we all know rawr does it from the little tag that foats down saying

From Rawr, with love


King Frog arrives so late that is it not even fashionable.
Great, I missed the party:frowning:
-King frog just sits next to the corpses and crys


Peedeoo7 wakes up on a sandy beach near Joker, and since his face is on the sand face down he has a additional panic attack, and starts choking again.

He rolls himself to his side and heaves, visably traumatised and shaken up…

There is a still moment.

He gets to his knees, and presses himself up.

He looks around, and possesses a real grudge agenst the rex.

you little…

apparently everyone died at the asylum, rip, even the ghosts, sand gets everywhere you know


The sand simply phases through the shadow. Elementalists are very hard to kill, you see.


Well so be it, regardless it was a particularly nasty varient that came from Sandy Mcsand Land that even managed to affect even traditional non-corporal entities in a vary negative fashion. as and gets everywhere demonstrated by random piles of sand everywhere partly suspended above the ground

Granted by no means your traditional.

Regardless, you lie in a empty delux padded chamber, with no corpse in sight, as peedeoo7 simply fragmented with some minorly extravagant lighting effect and dissipated away.

The note from the Molton galactic empire is still there… However… It brands a special seal.

Additionally king frogs is still near, alive and mostly well.


Communist Bear has Joined the Game.

“Wtf happend… I fell Bear like…”

He continues to go find mother russia!

if red and yellow berries are what he means…