The Almighty RPG


King frog feels the ground shaking, and sees it crakin’
The land kraken appeared!
-Since the land kraken is a nice dude, he helps kf with his depression before starting the battle.


AJ finishes fixing his watch. Heads outside and sees a epic battle between a frog and a land kraken. He decides to help the frog and pulls out his swords, and using the strong winds to his advantage, he jumps and manages to land on the krakens head. He then proceeds to slice off one of its tentacles which makes it angry, and it starts yelling at kingfrog how he’s such a terrible person. Restarting his depression. :stuck_out_tongue:


The man opened his eyes, it was day.
Looking around quickly he understood he was in a forest, more specifically in a clearing. How had he arrived there?

Standing up, he had a twinge in his head, ran his hand through it, and felt a bump, probably fallen and banged his head. What had happened?
In the distance he could see black smoke rising in the sky, like a fire.

He was obviously in a state of confusion, had no idea of ​​where he was nor what had happened the night before. The only thing he remembered was the taste of wet sand and the distant arrival of that disquieting ship. But now everything seemed calm.
Far away he noticed the same lighthouse he saw on the beach, but this time it was half destroyed.

He began to walk inland, looking for answers.

Past a hill he saw something that left him stunned; there was a petrified animal and it looked like a land Kraken.
“What the hell…?!”
He was slightly upset but had to move on, and he did so until he arrived in a small village, or rather, what was left of it.

The smell of burnt flesh mixed with a thick soot bothered the air, and a thousand questions began to invade his mind, until the kind wind brought a piece of newspaper. Looking for information, he took it and read the title.

"The Aliens are among us, and they are destroying the Earth!"

He ran his hand over his mouth in disbelief, and thought aloud, he said:
“This cannot be… He was right! He was right about everything!”


King frog betrays AJ and joins the krakens side!

-King Frog uses superglue, and reattaches krakenboi’s arm!


As usual, unturned player joins the game and has no idea what’s going on.


He notices a kraken nearby. “Nope” he says. The unturned player committed a suicide, he respawns in same location."Hmmmmm…"he thought as his body was consumed by kraken.


“Greetings. I’m currently looking for new personnel, and your offerings could support the reconstruction of the bunker. Once the bunker is operating, I can reserve a room for you. Here are coordinates.”

Astronaut looks back at his pug, who is sitting on a couch staring down a pillow. Strange.


AJ laughs because he actually never cared about kingfrog, he just wanted to kill the thing. He uses his 2 swords to make a much larger and more dangerous sword, and aims for the krakens head he swings And…


He missed?? Aj is confused. (How did he miss!!!;???)
EDIT: a visual representation of what is happening



Give me a few weeks and I could make an epic scene based on that as a drawing.


(you forgot that my character has one blue and and one red eye )


I could do it in pencil in like 3 days


AJ uses his watch to give him Aimbot which he uses to 360 noscope the land kraken




(bruh, it’s a watch that can do anything it can most definitely transform a skin cell of mine into a gun xd, and yes I have thought about the science behind this. I’ll explain it later. Though the gun would have to be an organic gun but yeah. It’s fine shooting a gun that’s actually made of living tissue even though it doesn’t seem like it. )


(is it like a squirt gun, but it shoots blood)?


(no, it shoots bullets, look it’s weird alright,
technically the gun is organic but it’s like a normal gun, alright? Don’t question it. Or you will have a brain meltdown )(don’t question it. )
(if you REALLY want to know, it’s caused by molecule modification, it needs to be based on a single cell but afterwards it will recreate it with nearby atoms/molecules and modify each cell to have its own trait. I dunno. I’m bored so I just threw something out there. )


The winds are blowing heavily outside, sheets of rain are pounding the vessel, the sound of gunfire rings out once, a flurry of voices can be heard, and then a railgun shoots once, then a dozen times, objects start falling into the sea, the area lights up as it receives several laser strikes, most of the lasers are too slow or inaccurate to make contact with the ship in the category 3 hurricane that’s slowly ramping up on the perilous seas, but the ones that would of hit are easily deflected by Peedeoo7’s mysterious forcefield technologies

Peedeoo7 sits in his captains quarters (which is his) and nonchalantly sips on an elixir, uncaring about the conflict outside.

The room is mostly empty, but well furnished and lit, this time there are no shadows about.

His comunications system lights up, His eyes perk up as he reads the prompt.

He sips his drink of old, and receives his coordinates, and sets sail.

outside the battle rages hotter than before, the hurricane amps up to level four and the crew all head inside, the waves grow, seems like Peedeoo7’s ship is coming up against a small invasion force, which at least numbers in the hundreds. he puts down his drink and stands at the window, he looks outwards,and guesses it’s going to be a long night

He raises up one of his hands slowly and makes a soft fist

Then he looks down.

“nevermind, I’ll actually just save the cinematic stuff for later”

He puts down his fist and leans down near the window, hands planted firmly before the frame.

And then in a calm voice, he says~

“I’ll just send a mass alert in inter-galactic instead to Ctrl Alt Delete for free robux”

And in a snap, the small invading force numbering hundreds of invading ships in the local area, falls and crashes into the turmoils seas, never to be seen again

Peedeoo7 slowly lumbers back to where he was previously seated and uses the actual methods to get free robux.

However, unbeknown to the others, a threat lurks bigger than seen before in recent times.

Because somewhere…

Godzilla sturs


In a city closer than what you may think…

everyone feels a chill go down there spine

For Godzilla has joined the session.

Be warned, for he that being is not easily taken down, even by our absurd standards


Peedeoo looks towards the nearby landmass and sees a giant figure of the land kraken, but all it is is the shape of it from light coming from nearby explosions.

what should he do?

Too late anyways, it looks like the land kraken just exploded. something lands on the deck a few minutes later, it’s a human figure. But who is it? All they are doing is standing still. What will you do with this person? It might not be AJ so be warned… It could be someone… Much… Much more dangerous… Choose your decisions wisely, for they could be your last.