The Almighty RPG


It’s a category six hurricane pug

It immediately smashes into the side of the ship, fracturing and denting the side, letting a flood of water in, making the situation even worse, the occupants were thrown out, and went airborne, and are now somewhere out and abouts

At extreme typically lethal speeds


Pug lands on the deck, knocking the wind out of him.
The bunker receives a message:
“Helicopter has crashed, I repeat, helicopter has crashed! We need an evacuation immediately! The lower decks are flooding quickly!”
Evacuation is coming, but might not be able to arrive before the ship goes under. Are there any lifeboats remaining?


It can be seen on the sides that there are in fact several attached… Were attached liferafts on board, where they be, gone

However the lower decks of the ship… does have indeed… have a Littoral combat ship up and ready, think of it as a miniature warship, be warned, the main ships security measures ARE seething in corruption, and a few horrors may be hiding…in the red red shadows…

Zooming back in the captains quarters, things have gotten still for a moment as the grand entrance was just made, but combat will ensure quick, with potential unsavory consequences.


The rescue ship has arrived as large waves splash over the deck. Most of the lower levels are now gone, and the higher decks will be flooding soon. Everybody onboard is advised to reach the main deck and prepare for extraction.


Seeing the bad situation he is in, seeing these cruel and twisted abominations, he flees the first time in a long time.

A flurry of random objects comes out of the palm of his hands, it strikeiths the creatures in front of him, knocking them back somewhat, in this moment of distraction, he makes a fist and from that gesture, the shatterproof glass, finally shatters, the wind immediately sucks him and the occupants out of the room, but luckily he conquered a heavy ball and chain onto AJ and Peedeoo’s leg, keeping them from being swept up by the incredible gusts of wind

Horrible sounds can be heard behind, and he knows he much reach the ship in a mear few moments before they gain their bearings and starts descending upon him. causing who knows what consequences.

But before him and the safety, lies a Kracken, one such Kracken akin to the darkness.

It’s between him and safety, he takes a foot forwards, the creature wails an unnatural wail, he takes another foot, it lashes, and before long, there in a stalemate, unable to surpass each other.

Every second is valuable. Time is being lost, his thing is in the way, it must be taken away to proceed, dally longer, and the horrors will once again surround the protagonists.


AJ is disturbed by the chaos going on. He summons popcorn in a completely organic bowl. And starts eating it


Red sits on a couch in the middle of the hurricane, and microwaves a croissant.


The rescue ship arrives. Machines guns are being fired off at the creatures as Pug climbs aboard.
The backup ship has arrived. Everybody still onboard the overrun ship please make your way to the main deck immediately.


As he is feeling like a helpful mood, Red rips apart all the creatures attacking the ship.


AJ walks 3 feet to the board to the other ship and crosses. He then summons coke (organic of course) and drinks some.

I forgot to mention, AJ has to have scanned something before to make it with his watch. And said object also has to be organic… So… He basically found an organic gun, scanned it, and it’s the same with the popcorn and soda.


oh no, f the redcom is near

In a frenzied sprint, Peedeoo7 leaps a large gap, and lands on the frontal deck of the ship.

He looks up, and sees a familiar black mass ripping apart the abominations (for the one, he fears, from the various surveillance clips he gatherd), in a small panic he opens and slams lock the door shut, the ship rocks, and he immediately goes after a quick caffeinated break to the being mannaning the ship and tries to point at the black mass murdering everything in sight to ram the engines in reverse and flee.

But there is nothing. No black mass to point at. No chaotic scene, just… Deserted…

He then gets a sudden chill.

For the being he was just ecstaticly telling to go ahead and flee from the mass.

Was the big black mass.

but in human form


He sort of looks blankly.

And then steps back, and assure a defensive posture, as he feels a tang of fear, and then few of the possibilities this being might gain from taking his vary self…

The dialog option is open for anyone to initiate

Part of the reason Peedeoo7 even ran to pugs haven, was to fortify (if tolerated) and get ready for the threat standing before himself, one that seems immeasurably destructive, ripping apart all opposition in his path, He was hoping to gain useful Intel before facing such a menace, but here he is, bare and exposed to it,

Peedeoo7 concisely withdraws his shadow into himself, as a protective measure

If this goes badly, this… Communist … Something… Could be on the cusp of power… To do with reality however he likes

Peedeoo7 is ready to pull out all his stops to prevent himself from being subdued, subjected and partly incorporated in, for his own sake, and realities sake, a few hidden measures are already in place

nevermind, he just had a minor mental break


The ship starts the voyage back to the shore, eventually landing along long, straight shoreline.
A small door is opened, leading to a long, narrow concrete tunnel. A small tram transports everybody approximately 2 miles to the bunker’s second entrance, A large room leading to a massive metallic gate, opening to another almost identical room. The door behind them closes, the other opens, blah blah blah.

Pug, Peedeoo, and AJ are now in Pug’s Bunker


AJs entire arm is gone from the amount of popcorn he has created using it. He doesn’t notice. At the moment anyways.

Suddenly, a portal opens nearby. AJ drops his popcorn as a black figure steps through, they have the same figure as AJ, but similar to what happened to the land kraken. AJ says something similar to “You” then he starts fighting it. The popcorn disappears and his arm regenerates. It’s basically a epic swordfight. Though unfortunately, their blocking the way into the bunker.


Pesky Looks Up from his bush, as spill of red and yellow juice has covered not only him but the found.

He Hears gunshots…

…And Goes Back to eating


B.T summons Легушька.


Just as redcomm here’s a ping of the croissant finishing up, the carcass of the evil land kraken falls down and crushes redcomm’s roof.

Redcomm can see king frog outside the gaping hole with his mp9.
I’m sorry kraken bro… King frog states.


What roof? Red is sitting on a floating couch in the middle of the hurricane, and simply uses a rune of protection.


during this time, since aj has it handled, he makes Smalltalk with pug, and asks if there is a restaurant here, and thanks him for the timely rescue

on a smaller note, two other figures followed them in without hassle and are just waiting for passage. No one notices or judges or something

He kind of feels this is a place where @Codian might be, manning some restaurant.


The fight is getting so intense that the area around them is slowly getting destroyed from them. If this keeps up there will be a giant crater in the floor.


Peedeoo7 continues to talk to pug passionately with some interesting topics and news, and the two unannounced creatures also nonchalantly join the conversation, in fact, it feels really good talking right now.

Abnormally so, and Peedeoo7 only party realizes it, he sees the fight heat up in a side glance, And simply places a field generator so the fight won’t mess and interrupt him and the group here.

He talks and talks, he mentions how it might be nice to invite @KingFrog over here, and any other sane individuals like harvest and maybe the unturned player, good cannon fodder. what the heck they might have to do if thee com comes over here and causes a ruckus, and shows pug the absolutely worrisome newsfeed on the little device peedeoo7 haves, which notes 1 billion have died from the alien invasion, but the demonic turned invasion, or rather conversion has wiped out most human life on earth Thanks to a certain t-rex. Making a real-life version of the game of civilization would be a good and moral choice, and it’s even hinted at that pug could play to resettle the world if he wishes (peedeoo7 insists he will give him a nice tutorial on how to and a bost) which would come with a nice new handy perspective for the Austronught.

So there it is, everyone is caught up in one, unhelpful talk fest and what I only presume is Anti-Aj lights up the scene nearby.

Also, the two other shapes at the party looks familiar, but you cannot place why, but it was recent

The only thing they do is the pug has a back itch and they help him scratch it

Such helpfull nerds