The Almighty RPG


"Another 4 things. Diamond ones will occasionally work with people. These people will draw others in, the diamond species of shaujena will kill the person, and the human gets the valuables.

  1. The diamond shaujena don’t create their own skins, they wear the skin of the last person they killed.

  2. Once a diamond shaujena kills someone, they can make another shaujena out of the flesh they didn’t eat.

  3. Diamond shaujena are covered in diamonds. They also wear a lot of diamond stuff on whatever form they have. So that’s a hint as well. They just have an addiction to it.


God sits in a boat and watches the shitshow


Seems like they must be a widespread issue then…

Regardless, it’s going to be dark soon, and unless you want to pitch camp here you’ll have to deal with a whole other boast of other issues if your out and about during twilight.

I’m thinking of going to the town, they have nice somewhat large wooden walls and can be a nice place to restock at before going to the fallen kingdom.

The town of stockholm that is, one of the few towns in these parts that were hardy enough to stand there ground and manage to not burn to the ground. And it’s just a vary small way up the road, however I’m surprised there this close to that mess back there.

Peedeoo7 leans peering towards

What’s the plan? I have a large enough tent that we could all utilize. If you want the other option.


"well we could just set up with a few devices we have. " (James pulls out what look like 2 metal bars, flicks a switch in the code and a barrier appears in between.) "we also have some super compacted tents that would work as sleeping areas. But hey, I’m fine with going to a town. "


"and yes, we do need to restock. So town it is.;


As well as get you your own horse. We can’t have you taking one of these 2 every time we need to run. Sorry man but, these types of horses are meant for fighting, not carrying an extra 100 pounds. Plus theyre a bit different from your usual horses. We got them from some kid while we traveled the multiver- er I mean, the dimensions.


Well I mighty appreciate the upgrade and welcome to the group though I wonder why you chose me, the assumption of ability?, seems like you brought some real equipment out here, which is real welcome.

Regardless, I guess we’ll head out and I’ll point us to the town. I haven’t personally been there for quite awhile, but it’s a nice strong fortified position, though be warned, the people are what you whould expect to be, being somewhat near only a partly figurative hell.

The group ride along a short distance, and night is almost upon them, they approach a heavy wooden wall, dotted with torches, and they pass by some heavily bearded and plated pikemen at the reinforced and strategicly placed gate, they walk on in, and pass a sheltered billboard listing, and it lists pencil portraits of missing peoples, the town is sparsely populated, even for it’s small size

Here we are, In Stockholm, the inn is just ahead, the shops are to the left, and for anything else, vary kindly ask some of the storekeeps.


the twins head towards a shop. leaving peedeoo to do whatever.


Peedeoo7 goes to a few shops, buys a few rations, gets looked at, a lot, manages to trip and splash mud unto himself, like a obnoxious full towards facing covering amount.

It covers everything

He then promptly, actually somewhat at a sprint goes to the inn, without really looking around who is at the tables and what’s the general theme of the place and asks for a room to board in, a hot bath, and a washboard, and if anyone asks to tell them where he is.

He gives the required coin, via sign.

He heads upstairs, halfway blindly barges into his room, drops a few held items, closes the door and strips off his gear but the padding, gets his cleaning supplies ready, and waits for the hot bath.


Explosions can be heard down the street. Its hard to tell if this is caused by the twins or not. as well as… wait… Gunshots? (btw, the twins are the only people who would even have something like this so yeah.) But there is also a monstrous scream echoing through the town.


Peedeoo7 naps in the soap studs in the clay tub

one explosion can be heard, then a second, and then a much louder third, whi
ch shakes the building and cracks the fragile tub in half, dumping the water everywhere

Obviously this wakes him up as the tub flips and smack his head.

Which knowing what he knows, he is probulay going to have to ditch town like now…

In a quick succession, he puts on his undergarments, pulls on the chain, and straps the plates on, equips his cloak, and then shoves the rations into his sack and ditches the joint

And once outside then he hears it… A monstrous scream…

A terrible sound to behold.
He draws his sword and runs down towards the scene, as he sees a few people flee, and then some of the town’s hardy pikemen and crossbowmen take up positions not to far ahead of himself, taking cover they are.


Great Hero J awakens from a 3 month cryosleep to the sounds of ripping metal.

“What…the hell happened here?”


(terrible things J, Terrible things)
The twins can be seen running towards the pikemen, yelling something. Then something massive breaks out of a building, Its massive. how TF did it even fit in that building.

Several of the soldiers break rank and start running.


Peedeoo7 is no different, and starts breaking away, and throws up his hand creating a somewhat strong personal protective barrier.


A lightly rolling orchestra starts playing

The towns church bell rings in alarm, a ballista, saturated on one of the few stone towers, shoots above the monster creating a decorative red blast above it, marking the disturbances location, several more ballista turn inward, troops are mobilising, and several old grizzled men with staffs rush to the scene to assist

the first wave of heavy crossbow fire goes out at the frontlines


The old men rush to the scene, the local towns block looks just about demolished, pikemen try to surround the creature, marking small almost irrelevant cuts, alongside taking casualties, as the wave of concitrated fire slams into the creature, however most of the bolts are innifective, with few penetrating

the old men rush fowards as the ballista aim there devices, they join together and start chanting, trying to cast a mightly spell together, one if them notice peedeoo7 keeping his distance, providing support abilities to the fight, which one if them call to him telling him to join in the chanting

Peedeoo7 just joins in because he doesn’t know what to really do anyway.

they all start chanting together, his eyes are squished, but there eyes are glowing, he feels there power, he feels there magical webbing and gets starts to precipitate

A mighty spell is being generated


the twins are currently watching from a nearby building. one of them has a rifle out, and is watching the stuff go on. the other is eating popcorn. Where he got it, is unknown


and with a mighty clap, the soldiers withdraw

the night sky opens and behold! A single trailing piece of brimstone, brilliant it is, and trails and crashes into the beast, knocking it to the ground, then with another clap, the ballistas fires, and as they come they glow with energy and skewers the beast in several places

and last, everything goes white

Because something funked up ok?

The popcorn disintegrates. The twins are blown aback, and fall.

A white shockwave cuts through the immediate vicinity from where they were chanting.

A crater is formed, all is quiet.

Several fires for the area.

The beast is dead, but same could be said about the town block.


James is currently crying over his popcorn. then his brother smacks him back to reality.

they go and find their horses. Amd consider riding out of town. but decide not to because they need peedeoo for… something…


There is a white light

And then there is nothing

Not even himself

Currently, there is a empty husk of a suit of armor laying at the epicenter

White comes back again

He hears something…

“Oh hello, I did not expect to see you back here so soon! Seems like you’ve been having a lovely adventure!”

A steel table slowly materilises

A figure can be seen turning towards himself in a office chair

It turns around, and it appears to be… Himself? But in those modern looking clothes

“Aghem” Pulls out laptop, “It seems like you managed to litterly disintergrade yourself, I’ll like to personally congratulate yourself and myself”

And the laptop spins, and footage is shown, of himself managing to disintegrate himself, it’s actually slightly comical

“And oh your face! I could have never replicated THAT!!!”

Deep hearty laughter

It seems like he cannot speak

You know, it’s been fun watching you, especially in a world where everything is running smoothly and the world is not like, collapsing into itself.

It’s been fun watching you fail, and get rejected by your loved ones, it’s been fun watching you have that amazing dream where your grandfather said you could take after him, and down his armor, to have that simply not be true, as you know yourself, it’s been fun watching you cherish that little round dragon amulet your hateful grandmother got you.

It was funny, she called it a amulet of protection,
but really… Aghem I don’t know how you haven’t figured it out yet.

Regardless, go back to playing, I’ll be watching.


He spins back around.

And whatever you do, don’t mess with that vault! Or take off that amulet, or I’ll be real mad, that thing is half the fun anyway.

And in a blink if a eye, That empty suit of armor reappears our young wannabe hero

And his whole body aches, and which then he passes out in a puddle of his own ashes

Three rather large valuable crystals dot the area around him, undoubtedly from the wizzarding men