The Almighty RPG


the twins are undetectable to this “being” because they didnt originate in this world.

several hours of looking later, the twins find peedeoo. Something… is different about him.

(Meanwhile, in another universe, AJ is aiming at someone, with the intent of killing them. With a Rifle) (I’m only showing this to show what I drew for 8 hours XD)

(there wont be any more mention of him XD, im sorry. Just showing off XD, plus you get a general Idea of how he looked.)

The twins drag peedeoo out of the hole, and pull of a helmet, thats on his head (is it another guards or peedeoos is unknown atm.)
Peedeoo looks pale and tired. The twins drag him to a now abandoned Inn and set him in a bed…






then proceed to tie him up.


Peedeoo7 dreams lucid dreams of his life, and his failures. Some real, some not

And finally he dreams of Mathew and James, how they went on a adventure together, how they got famous, how they swam through the swampmire called Erurothopica, and we’re victorious, and right before he whould have seen the vault

He wakes up, bound, restrained, captive.

But he doesn’t make note of it immediately.

But first he becomes aware of something inside him that’s always been there, but now he only notices.

And with that, he can feel a chuckle, and almost see a smiling face. A smiling face he whould rather not see right now,

His eyes open up, he sees nothing but darkness.

He moves his hand, but it doesn’t move far.

Then his leg.

He feels the rope, and yet he feels again another thing.

A void

From which nothing stirs, it feels like it’s always been overflowing with energy, ever since the day he was born. Nice and safe, nice and stable. But nothing’s there

He feels a cold, dreadfully cold, and draining… heavy metal “Cuff” around his neck.

He feels fear, he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Where is he? What happened after I passed out? And where is his bag?


the twins are starting to become mentally disturbed by whats going on with peedeoos body right now.



hes thrashing around and laughing, then crying, then screaming. Its super disturbing,


He just curls up as much as he can, and then proceedes to cry himself to sleep.

Eventually it’s quiet, and he is still.

Not like he can go anywhere.


the twins leave for a short while, come back and look at peedeoo. he seems back to normal so they untie him.


Did you just hang yourself?


no, he was just tied up.


Peedeoo7 wakes up again, he is quiet but otherwise fine.

He greets the twins solomly, and then packs back up.

He looks at his amulet…

This red and gold round amulet shows a dragon and a few decorative designs, five in total, but when looked at closer it looks like it’s just happy… But… Looking again thinking harder… It is just screaming, with what appears to be four natural disasters or elements looking going on around it, alongside a stylish underdetailed man with evil eyes and a big dagger

What did she get him? And knowing her she probably knew full well…


A random glitch in space time froze them all for 2 days. They unfreeze today. The twins ask him if he has ever met someone with 2 different colored eyes, one red, one blue. Their looking for them because of something that’s going on on the universes. They also mention that the person had a watch which could basically turn you into whatever you wanted. (wasn’t your memories removed so you won’t remember him?) what’s your reply. (probably no, right?)


Peedeoo7 puts on his thinking face

Something inside perks up

“I want to say I know what your are saying, but… No, I actually don’t, I have no recollection of this being you talk of”

If this person entered or existed in this reality sometime in the past, he might be written about, but sadly the main books I’ve read or seen for that matter are a hand full of spellbooks pulls out a eexample, a simple general history book, fiction, and whatever the dark web had wait that’s not normal.

But… I know of the location of a few libraries are, you could just change the time your in and you’ll be in the thick of the action.

There’s the fallen kingdom, they were apparently experiencing a renaissance when there downfall came about… Thinking types they were… Collected and reveled in knowledge…

A few major cities that are not crawling with the undead also could have A few histories, a city east of where I came from had a notable royal librarie. But access is not advalble to even lessor nobles like myself.

Mean, if you ask a historian, they could know what your talking about, or someone versed in folklore…


(the twins converse for a while. )
"No that’s fine, TBH he has probably already left this place. Though you seem like the sort of person he would of been around a lot. Hmm… Anyways, let’s get moving, this town is- WTF, how is the town reconstruction this underway already? It looks as if it’s been 3 days yet it’s only been a few… Oh… "(theyre looking at the device in the backpack. ) looks like we had a glitch of space-time around us. Anyways. We should leave before people blame us for this… And we (ahem) TOTALLY, didn’t cause this. (these guys are terrible liers (did I spell that correctly?)btw)


I see, well we better get going then.


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Harvest is resurrected once more, this time by Codian, unfortunately he is covered in tumors and thus unable to take care of himself, even with proper medical care, unless something nearly super natural intervenes he would die within a few bedridden weeks.


Every person who died of starvation is resurrected with th3se tumors. Which then turns out these cause the 4.0 zombies.


Pug wakes up in the bunker infirmary.
How long has he been asleep?
Apparently the Turned outbreak has begun
Pug authorizes the construction of a rocket, and announces the launch over an improvised radio. Everybody is allowed access, Those infected with the virus will be placed inside an on-board chamber for further testing. (sorry harvest)