The Almighty RPG



astro’s doggo, in a confused state, grabs him and sits on his face for whatever reason

true story


(I do)

Also I’m sending out a alert for all of of Aj’s stalkers to claim there prize, as he is staring just blankly apparently


Pesky Firmly grasps the dog and swallows him whole

The Dog comes out slimey with white eyes and sad

“See what happens you summon things? THEY BECOME MINE! Now Beat Kid before ya blackout with that broken space helmet of yours!”


Astro Pugs Summon is now Peskys Minnion


AJ has discovered the tavern!


Pesky notices a Figure Running to the Tavern

“Heh heh heh”


(sorry data was slow, didn’t even see all those messages xd)


Last I checked the whole village got burnt to the ground

Mission failure?

Also all your stalkers are aware of your location, so… Yeee


I hate to inform you that my helmet cannot be dented or cracked by any common means.
my doggo is my property as well. It is my doggo.
doggo returns to a normal state
and it is my minion…
doggo snorts and walks off


Pesky ignore Astro and his pug

Pesky Punches a whole through the tavern roof

“Well… Well… Well… What do we have here?” a little safe haven in brookford? i think not"


Peedeoo7 sits in his favoret comfy chair and gets his popcorn ready

Apperently he has acsess to a advanced spying network to oversee all these chain of events


Astro and his pug watch in a confused state, then get in their jet propelled vehicle that totally wasn’t there before to found the town of Pugville


But he lands in Tolatly Accurate Battlefield instead

And now there are 50 crazed derps running around all royale like


Pesky Sinks his slime into the ground

Rumbles can be heard from all around earth

The sky Turns from a blue to a redish black in an instant

“From All Across the world we unite, From Cities ablaze with a fire blight, Lets have some fun and Blow the Gun, With Gravity and Water there shall be no more… With the Sun and the power i shall be Strong, Please let this world burn STRONG


AJ runs into the tavern to find it empty. He goes back outside and finally notices that everything’s destroyed.


its also getting hot rapidly with chunks of ground floating in the sky


AJ realises that the games is finally starting to break, so he finally summons… The wolves…


Ok if your going to take such overly offensive actions you will leave me no choice pesky.

Peedeoo7 confidently stands in the doorway with his matanoreziser.

Don’t make me use my admin permissions.



Wait what (10 char)


As rubble from the conflict landed in the swamp, king frog comes out with his sharpened stick! He attacks pesky, and due to kf being immune to slime, he is fine. Sadly, his stick broke.

King frog suffers -5 morale
Pesky takes 3 damage, and has a broken stick stuck in his arm.