The Almighty RPG



AJ uses his summoned wolves to attack, AJ does crits to all nearby players!


I was going to say there is a way


Peedeoo7 uses /Slay,

Pesky is STUNNED, Hp is quarterd!


The sky goes back being blue and everything is destroyed because the ground debris


AJ then starts heading towards the broken portal! Screaming something ““error”” about getting out of this ““error”” universe.


“Really boi, i have no bones”


(it is noticeable that AJ’s eyes have turned to a bluish green while the wolves are summon, and he has used no other attacks. )


“Ugh, why do kingdom admins gotta get into this”

Pesky opens his hellish portal and returns to the Dungeon


Peedeoo7 lies crushed under the rubble



Things are how they were before the inn was demolished.


All memory of all players is reversed.


Wolves stay summoned.


"Wait, what just happend…?


“Huh, i felt evil and now its just…”


Error, errorGET ME O_ error


Pesky, I told you! Destroy your own realities!

Do it again! And there will be consequences!

For I am thee a reality admin! And you shall obey!

Peedeoo7 floats lightly off the ground


AJ discovers tavern


Suddenly, a nearby mountain partially explodes! The mountains name was mount ebot (that’s the mountain in undertale right?)


“what realities? Destruction? tf is happening… im out cyanide”

Pesky leaves with both middlefingers up and enters a Blue realm that looks somewhat similar to the hellish realm


Peaky hears a voice constantly saying error.


Voice says, world corruption Detected. Unauthorized player detected. Player username unknown, player character name AJ, missing files for attacks. Error