The best friend of the player


Not really. If you have legs strong enough to walk a small dog wouldnt be able to knock you down. It will just throw its upper legs on your knees and stand there.


Yeah, I know, and I think that could also bring interesting mechanics, but I was just trying to say, if dogs are gonna be added, which i also support to add, I think only big ones should be implemented because they would be objectively better, so small dogs wouldnt serve a purpose, and If they could sniff and bark I dont think that would be enough to add them instead of just big dogs.


Zombies are supposed to have poor balance and hand-eye coordination.


Small dogs may not be able to do as many things as well as large dogs, but they don’t need as much food, and tend to have better health.


Yeah but what benefit is less food if it has very low uses. Same with health. Small dogs also live longer but I dont really see the point in it.


Yeah but the strenght at which those small dogs pounce, if it can even be called that, is so incredebly weak it literally couldnt do nothing.


What use is a dog that’s big enough to eat a man, if it can’t walk or bite because it has bone problems.


In the apocalypse it has none. A normal small dog isnt useful at all when healthy but a big one is


Have you ever read “World War Z?”
In Chapter 8, it’s mentioned that because zombies had such terrible balance, small dogs were trained to get under their legs and trip them up or break the knee joint. It’s also mentioned that the “small dogs” are not ones like chihuahuas, but rather more like daschunds and Manchester terriers.


What do zombies have to do with the Turned?



I’ll just need a German Shepherd and I will be safe


Manchester terrier isnt a small dog. And World War Z is fictional and I dont think has anything to do with this. Balance also doesnt matter, because its the force at which those dogs would “pound”. There is little to none and the strenght of the “pound” would be so weak it woudlnt do anything to anything that can stand straight.

Just look at for example the Beagle and tell me it can “pound”


Small dogs are 12 to 25 pounds according to
According to Google, a regular sized adult Manchester terrier is 12 to 22 pounds.

You do realize that healthy people let alone retarded zombies with no coordination to speak of have tripped over and been injured by things that are stationary, thus not having any “strenght of the pound” right?

He’s referencing a published author’s thoughts on how dogs could be used against zombies, which are, presumably not too dissimilar from the turned, as a source for a discussion about how dogs could be used against the turned.


Comparing fiction with fiction for an argument based on reality isnt really logical. But anyways, yeah I know people have been injured by stationary things but that is because they themselves were moving fast and the object was very hard. The force came from the human instead of the object is my point. Here it is the opposite.
A small dog simply cannot produce enough force to knock something thats standing and moving on its own down on both legs.

And Manchester terrier does weight little but atleast it is bigger sized intead of a Beagle for example.

I still dont see how these small dogs would add anything big ones wouldnt.


[Insert that one quote about realism here]


That quote you’re thinking of doesnt have a place here. The basis of this arguement is reality. Thats it. And I dont know how making 10kg dogs the size of my shoe being able to knock over zombies is good.


The reality is, ‘small-ish’ dogs, for example a Dachshund, have more that enough strength to knock over not just an uncoordinated, unbalanced, stumbling Turned, but even a grown man weighing around 160-ish pounds or so by jumping at the knee pit. The quote that I was referring to had that as well.


Ok. Well i think this is where we bring this discussion to an end since we are both just repeating the same things. He can, he cant.
Unless someone can add something I think this is where I end. It was a nice discussion.


Don’t you run away from me boi


I want to play with the extremities of the turneds and players with my dog like Postal 2 :slight_smile: