The Better Together Update


Terraria: Better Together Update

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I thought it was Minecraft: Better together


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Cubeworld: Better Together Update


The blockheads: better to-forever


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What isn’t taken into account is the possibility of internal conflict between alliances. If damage were to be lessened instead of none between allied groups, there could still be the smallest mistake made that could destroy a valuable raiding resource such as a hind.

It takes sometimes momentous coordination between just 5-8 people in a group to take over a server within a month or two, consider with 8+8 allied. Even civil wars between former allied groups could occur from some beef in chat or a thrown grenade.

An alliance system would be a quicker and easier way of becoming friends with others when it comes to steam groups especially. The balancing of this system would depend on the reputation, trust and cooperation of tens of people within a server(s).


I mean, without this “internal conflict” would be even worse. Entire people get killed, tons of EXP lost, tons of items despawn. Plus, under this system there would be purple names above people indicating their ally status. It would take a big idiot to accidently fully auto into a guy like that, and even then if you can ally with a group then they probably can understand mistakes or whatnot.

The SU and US had quite some beef and talked a lot of shit. In the end neither went directly to war. If groups can wear big boy pants they can avoid going to full on war over some dummy shit said in chat. Also, a group with good coordination / leadership would punish those who troll (like the grenade)

Also under allyship it would be even easier to rise up and fight other groups in alliances. For any argument in which “a group could just rise up” then why not the opposite? Any group can rise up and invite their allies to come in and help. I don’t see any problem in a little group warfare. If anything it would bring more to the game and more thought into raiding or other aspects of the game. Further encourages working together, cooperation, friendliness, etc.

I think it would be fine. It will self-regulate itself.

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