The development of my game, asking for suggestions!


Recently I starded developing my own game. It wll probably be a survivl game, low poly, but with a different art style compared to Unturned. I am planning some different mechanics for the game, something unique.
But as we all know, two heds are better than one. A game built by the community are the best gamesin my opinion, so I want your suggestions about some things:


Put fingers, you don’t want it too much like unturned.


Copy Unturned

Copy Unturned

Copy Unturned

Copy Unturned.
Unturned has already perfected the genre, it cannot be improved. /s

Before I can make any serious suggestions, I need to know will it be single player, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, or an MMO?


Better building system than Unturned, placing planks and having to nail them together etc…


if you’re gonna add fingers, just note that animating fingers is some of the most annoying fucking shit you can possibly do in your entire life

source: in an animation class rn, we did some poses, fingers made me want to kill myself. not even the teacher could get them moving well


I already have animated some characters, the problem for me is moving one member without stretching it, but still connected with the rest of the body


Wait, How do you develop your game

I want to do it, to making my own SUPER-REALISTIC game.


imagine a 13 year old on roblox did better than u oof