The Great Question



If someone tells you: “If you say anything you’re gay.”
And you reply with: “No u.”

Then who is the gay?

  • Person who called you gay
  • You
  • Both
  • None
  • Other (Comment below)

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The guy who was watching


The only gay one is you, for posting this.


But it says “You” which in context, is the option you picked on, therefore you are the gay


I voted for you not me.


i did both because it makes sense right? think about it, You call him gay, he calls you gay, fuck eachother in the bed, now both of you are gay


Which applies to you when you click on it, as it applies to whoever is clicking on it


Lets make a little sense here fellas, YOU both are gay




You mom gay bitch


It makes sense cause you both cant agree, so to that, you both are gay cause you still in a argument


So both of you are fookin gay


Facepalm I wonder why I suddenly regret posting this topic.


I suddenly wonder why im still commenting on this communistic trash


Lets all agree were all gay


Speak for yourself


Bitch dont make me argue


(10 10 10 10)


da fuq happen to the other comments?


The power of “no u” is beyond all odds