The lighthouse ghost in 4.x


Do you want to see the lighthouse ghost in 4.x?


i’m done .



It would lose its creepyness like this.


oh yea a boss is not a very good idea


Only if you could not confront it.

Just signs something is there.

And at most you may suffer a Insta kill somehow.


Easter eggs that reference 3.0 would be cool.


You mean 2.0? The anomaly is from 2.0. right? Or am I wrong?


It is, spooky stuff at the lighthouse !UnturnedAnomaly


This, The anomaly


Yes why not


Wth. I posted this comment on the other one that said anomaly, yet it showed up here? its trying to show me what it is


We should have some NPC with a white sheet over his head at the top of a lighthouse