The sounds


Explosions, noises, impact of bullets, bullets, shoots, walk, run all this things have a thing in comom, well No to all for auditory limitations. i go talk about Sound.

i was watching ghost in the shell, and
although the anime dont have the best graphics there were a thing imersive the details on sounds realy, the sound of explosion the glass breaking I would like to see a thing imersive like this in unturned.


tl;dr: improve sound quality


If you’re talking about anime, then I would use the sound effects of a gun base anime. Ghost in the Shell the movie had weapons but mostly it was centered in the use of pistols.


It’s literally less than a paragraph Ghj XD


Each sentence is it’s own paragraph. The second paragraph has an odd line break in it, so you could say there are three paragraphs.


tl:dr; = summary as well


plus i couldn’t even understand a single thing from it