The Unofficial Unturned Forums Beginner's Strategic Guide


you havent worked to get it, you just spam liked long posts


yes i said something

i also happen to be an expert in that drop down myself :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :person_climbing:;fk:kaabaL l;:eyeglasses:


starting to write a manfisto for the fourm


wait no dont


Excellent, now try making quality posts for once

I wouldn’t call it hard work per se, but it’s something all right


Quality posts?

Excuse the fuck but what are these then you fucking Canadian elitist bigot


Oops, I dropped this



Fuck i need to get on that leader board Either by shitposting or reply spam


foolish fool


Nein du.



fite me motherfuckers


Ima make you extinct again


im ace pro in my shitposting skills


Time and place. :slight_smile:


Nobody who says that is good at shitposting. It’s the same way that anybody who says that they’re badass really isn’t.


I’m sorry but ir’s time for you to get out of here Stalker.





but it so tru


dey look alike