Things that NEED TO HAPPEN


Oh man I want to go on a rant about that now.


Actually, you don’t. To make gas leak you have to turn switch ir something like that.


What for? In the apocalypse any sort of financial/banking database would just be gone. If we’re talking about a still-apocalyptic and un-rebuilt civilization, then don’t think about building and programming that database back up.

There may still remain some empty (and/or maybe damaged) gas cans at gas stations.

I do hope those are of use in UII.

Everything else, I agree.


Actually the reason has pumps work is because well, the pump. A d pumps use electricity. Holy came up with an alright way to counter this. so whatevs


Not necessarily, people would grab those as well because they can still at least partially store gas. People would get all the gas they could in a situation like this.


Well, by that logic, everything from guns to clothing should be impossible to find since their owners would have taken them, yet we can still find them.

Realism for the sake of realism is bad.


Well then If we do that, I would rather only have super rare damaged ones, that you need to find other ones to make a good gas can.


Or we could do it like Mondays does it for clothes, pretty much most of the clothes you find are really damaged, and once they run out of durability you drops the items in that slot and they provide no warmth. I dunno. Mondays just makes gardens super rare which could work as well, except their 1 use and such. Yes I know, I use minidayz as inspiration a lot, mostly because it has interesting ideas.


I don’t think that taking inspiration from mobile games is a very good idea.


Sadly, that’s the problem a lot of people think through, because 3.0 is the closest thing we can assume to Unturned II, but at the same time, there is no excuse good enough to compare an old game to a completely different game


One more thing…

I dunno if you live somewhere where they have people pump gas for you buuuuuttttt… Gas tanks only pump gas AFTER you have payed. Even at gas stations where greyhound it for ya. If they had a switch you could get gas with for free, everyone would steal gas.


Just one word: REALISTIC


I think that any type of zombie is not realistic, no matter if magma one or the common .___.