Thoughts on my weapon models for my eft mod

#1 it’s another get mod.


Generally, your style looks a bit nice, but there’s too much detail in certain areas and not enough in others.

Also, onto weapon specific issues:

  • the TOZ-106 mag is a lot smaller and also grey, not brown. It only comes in 2 and 4 round mags, definitely not that massive curved mag

  • the RSASS scope looks way too thin compared to vanilla scopes

  • the AS VAL’s pink-ish parts just look really unusual color-wise, they should be a lot closer to a brown, see reference pictures to get what I mean

  • if all of these models are for 4.0 they’re fine, but IMO the barrels seem a bit skinny across the board

Also, I’m happy that you’ve added the TOZ-106 into the mod. It’s a low tier weapon and a rough bolt action shotgun, but definitely packs a punch!


Thanks for the feedback. I’m going with my own style with this mod.


guns simply dont fit into 3.0 as being overdetalized or just ugly from first person

saiga’ stock looks weak

pump shotguns and sks are good but their receiver and stock parts looks meh


It’s for 4.0. With my own style.


I’m going to have to agree with GHJ then. I personally wouldn’t use it just because some of the guns look a bit weird with having these really bare areas, and then these really detailed spots.

It could just be the lighting, but I think the scaling/proportions are probably part of that issue. Some things look about as solid a twig.

I’d also have to agree with GHJ that the colors could be tuned a little bit, too.

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INSTA DOWNLOAD (When you release it of course :slight_smile:)

I’m not a gun expert,but I think that the stock of the M4A1 is a bit out of scale.

Also,small suggestion:When you finish with the guns,since 4.0 is going to have a more in-depth weapon customization system than 3.0,how about adding some cool attachments from EFT?


Well hopefully in 4.0 you can change grips.


You can’t currently, but you can change everything from the receiver to the handguard.