Thoughts on paid plugins for a free game?



Do you have a system in which you can pursue legal action against someone for making the same plugin that you have?

And is Imperial Plugins like Steam where you’re just a hub of plugins, or is your site like a game developer where you just make a bunch of plugins?


No, you can also not protect such ideas. Or did you ever see Burger King suing McDonald’s for stealing their idea? :wink:

ImperialPlugins is a so called “Online Marketplace”, this means that each developer is on its own, it’s not “one site” that makes the plugins. Anyone could sell their plugins there, as long as they are not violating any laws or copyright (and have enough experience).

However, this kinda gets offtopic now…(mods might get angry lol)


Are you aware of anything on your site that prevents people from posting the same types of plugins on it? Whatever it may be, official or not.

(It’s important as I’m evaluating whether or not what Rain is saying is accurate).


ImperialPlugins has a rule where our developers can not publish a plugin which already exists on our site.


Proof of extreme anti-competition. Which explains the outrageous plugin prices. Thankyou for this comment.


Nothing is stopping people from making “KingdomMods” and low balling imperial plugins. Its the free market bay bee, and also if anything its just unionization, people who make plugins arent companies they are just people who want a extra monetary incentive to continue with their hobby. Be the change you want to see in the world and take a coding class or something, its not incredibly hard.

Also it is kinda funny how plugin makers crawled out of the woodworks to defend this imperial plugins :thinking:


Very funny and suspicious… :thinking:


Well, I posted this thread on the ImperialPlugins discord channel “#original-memes”, that’s why this thread suddenly gained more attention. However I didn’t encourage anyone to write here or to defend ImperialPlugins here.

Any developer on ImperialPlugins has decided for themself to join ImperialPlugins and to obey these rules. They could just make their own site and sell there aswell. However, we don’t want any competition inside ImperialPlugins, as this leads to a lot of conflicts and drama between the developers.


Ah, the old “it’s for experience” “they should be like interns” ordeal. They probably also do it to cough cough make money. You can tell because that’s exactly what they do. It’s not necessarily a job, but it’s a good source of extra income; especially for college students.

If this has nothing to do with P2W servers, then don’t mention them to further your argument, or in the initial post. Follow your own rules for debate.

And again, we already discussed how 80$ is with ridiculously high standards. You do not need to buy these. You can manage just fine with free plugins. As for it leading to more P2W servers . . well . . . let’s just not talk about it. :wink:

You can run a fair community server just fine for free. You can even do it in the way the game was designed to be played: Vanilla.

And for the cough cough money.

This was stated to be false by Trojaner, which ruins the argument here. Nothing is stopping people from posting their own plugins of the same ideas.

If by monopoly you mean that Imperial Plugins lets developers post their unique plugins within their market, then yes. It is a monopoly. /s

Anyone can go elsewhere and post their own plugins. This is by no means a monopoly. Imperial Plugins does not have anything close to complete control over plugins. It is a commodity that anyone can create if they chose to do so.

While I would like there to be more competition within Imperial Plugins, the competition everywhere else is satisfactory for me.

So nothing is stopping people what making their own plugins, but it’s supposedly super easy according to this guy.

What. Is. Stopping. Them.

Fair enough. Plugins don’t need to be maintained every single update. However, this just adds to the easiness of plugins being able to be produced. What exactly is stopping all the free and cheaper plugins?


I recommended you guys looking at Imperial’s discord chat log to see what’s really going on both side.



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I guess you could still carry it on for a bit but mostly everything has been said, but I don’t really see the point of keeping a debate just for the purpose of attacking each other.


As much as I hate where this thread is heading. I’d say to keep it going on.

I’d like to see the how the other side would react. I’ve dig around and it is getting more fishy-ier than what I’ve though of originally. If things getting out of hands however, lock, archive and @FlodotelitoKifo.


Locking the thread just because people either aren’t contributing or people are going off topic doesn’t solve the problem and I see it as lazy. Picking those people out and letting the thread live since it’s a very controversial topic that people should be allowed to be revived later on without the need of a whole new post seems like a better option.


Lazyness has nothing to do with a lock on this topic imo. Sometimes tho, controversial discussions end up in flame wars, that might be the reason why Yarr asked if it was the case to lock this, but in anycase I agree with you that “kicking” those who build up “flame” instead is much better.


I agree that this thread should be locked. Otherwise this will end up in a never ending flamewar thread.


I have faith that we can remain civil in this discussion.


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I think it should be locked for the sole reason that the discussion is not going anywhere. If you have someone like rain who refutes any points against them, regardless of how valid they are, the topic will simply continue going nowhere.


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